How Your Latin Lady Celebrates New Year

How Your Latin Lady Celebrates New Year

If you’re going to be celebrating New Year with your Latin lady this December, then it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for how she may want to enjoy the festivities.

Whether you will be with her in person or celebrating over a video call instead, one thing you will be sure of is that your Latin lady will love a party and a celebration. Given how 2020 has gone, moving into the new year is only going to give everyone even more cause to celebrate.

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So, in addition to the traditional dancing, eating, drinking and spending time with those nearest and dearest to her, how else will your Latin lady be expecting to celebrate on New Year’s Eve?

Here are a few pointers toward some traditional Latin celebratory traditions.


If there is one thing you associate with Latino culture, it’s probably fire. From fiery personalities to fiery celebrations, it’s no surprise that fire also forms a key part of New Year celebrations for many. It can take many forms, from simply lighting a fire in the home to writing down hopes for the new year and burning them in a bonfire. If it’s New Year’s Eve, your Latin lady will want to see some fire!

Eating grapes

In many Latin countries, eating grapes on New Year’s Eve is also commonplace as a tradition. It has to be 12 grapes, one for each month of the upcoming year. It’s said to bring luck, so make sure you have a supply of grapes in stock for your Latin lady.

Throw a bucket of water out of a door or window

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Throwing a bucket, cup or glass of water out the house on New Year’s Eve signals ‘out with the old’ and gets the new year celebrations underway! An easy one to enjoy with your Latin lady.

Wearing the correctly coloured underwear

Believe it or not, wearing the correct colour underwear is also thought to bring you luck for the new year in some Latin countries. Wearing red will bring your Latin lady good luck in love while yellow represents happiness and fortune.

Walking in a circle with a suitcase

Finally, if you walk in a circle with a suitcase on New Year’s Eve, this is said to bring luck when it comes to opportunities for travelling in the new year. Some people will walk around an entire block with a suitcase, so be prepared and have a suitcase to hand for your Latin lady.