6 ways Russian singles like to celebrate Christmas and New Year

6 ways Russian singles like to celebrate Christmas and New Year

Christmas in Russia is traditionally celebrated a little later than in most of the world, but how is the festive season celebrated by Russian singles?

While the Orthodox calendar will see many Russians celebrate Christmas on January 7th, which is of course after New Year, it is not uncommon for people to celebrate Christmas twice. The time of the year is perfect for Russian singles who will take the opportunity to get out and enjoy themselves, as well as take part in more traditional celebrations.

Here are six ways that Russian singles may celebrate Christmas and New Year:


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I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas and New Year is a great time for Russian singles to get out and socialize, enjoy nights out and meet new people. Bars and clubs are busy around the festive period, and Russian girls will often be open to meeting potential new partners during the Christmas and New Year periods. With many people off work, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy nights on the town.

Christmas Eve meal

In Russia, it’s tradition that families will sit down and enjoy a large meal on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas. This can include up to 12 traditional dishes to represent the twelve apostles. Russian singles are likely to spend Christmas Eve with their families, but will love talking to you about their own Christmas memories and traditions.

Religious services

Christmas, in particular, is a very religious time in Russia, and so several long services are held in towns and cities across the country. Russian women may choose to attend one or more of these services, and will often do so with their close family.

Russian singles enjoy some fun outdoors

Much of Russia enjoys a white Christmas due to the heavy winters there. Temperatures are very low, but a lot of younger people in Russia will likely take time to enjoy some time in the snow, perhaps even with a snowball fight among friends. Russian singles are likely to be up for this kind of fun too, playing with family and friends to really enjoy the festive time.

Family time

Russian single ladies are likely to spend a great deal of time celebrating Christmas with their families. This may include accompanying younger members of their family to carol sing from house-to-house while carrying a Christmas star.

New Year celebrations

Celebrations at New Year in Russia are similar to in the rest of the world. For Russian singles, it will again be party time, with gatherings among friends or heading out to the bars and clubs in the major cities.

Russian singles

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