Old New Year – a Holiday You Should Know about if You Date a Russian Woman

Old New Year – a Holiday You Should Know about if You Date a Russian Woman

The first thing to do when you start dating a Russian woman is to learn a thing or two about her culture and traditions. That’s because Russian ladies are typically very traditional, so not knowing too much about the way they celebrate holidays, for example, could offend her.

A holiday you should know about if you date a Russian woman is the Old New Year.

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It might sound strange; after all, doesn’t the whole world celebrate the New Year on January 1st?

Well, no! Russians, in fact, celebrate two New Years’. One on January 1st, like the rest of us, and one on January 14. But why that latter?

It’s a Cultural Thing

Russia is an Orthodox country, and the Orthodox church didn’t really adhere to the Gregorian calendar the Catholic church follows. While some Orthodox countries – such as Greece and Romania, for example – have adapted their holidays and celebrate some, including Christmas and New Year, like the Catholics, the Russian Orthodox Church still follows the Julian calendar.

According to the old calendar, the year doesn’t end on December 31, but on January 13. So, your Russian woman will most likely celebrate both the new and the old New Year.

Old New Year Means Family Time

Under the communist regime, Russia started to celebrate New Year on January 1, and today the New New Year bears more significance than the Old one. However, most Russians still celebrate the Old New Year in some way.

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More often than not, it means family time. Russian families use this holiday to spend quality time together, sing carols, and eat delicious food.

Younger Russians may also use the Old New Year as an excuse for partying. Depending on your Russian woman, you can expect either to spend time with her family or hop from bar to bar and have fun from dusk to dawn.

It’s Celebrated in Other Countries Too

Old New Year may seem like a holiday that’s only celebrated in Russia, but in reality, many Orthodox countries, such as Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Belarus, also celebrate it. Furthermore, some Gaelic communities in Scotland also celebrate a similar holiday in the same period, in which Gaels celebrate the end of a sun cycle and new beginnings.

With this in mind, let your Russian woman know that you’re fully aware of the Old New Year and more than willing to celebrate it. A sure way to impress her for good!