Your and Your Slavic Lady’s Common Traditions

Your and Your Slavic Lady’s Common Traditions

Once you find a Slavic girlfriend, it is vital to show interest and respect for her culture, traditions, and beliefs. We all have certain things in life that we grew up with and they are important to our family and culture. Your Slavic lady will be no exception. The holidays like easter, thanksgiving, New Year, Christmas as well as birthday parties and weddings are just some times of the year that she would want to celebrate and it can be a great step in your relationship if you choose to celebrate this together.

However, if you are thinking that the traditions might differ, then you are correct, as there are cultural differences. But there are many common traditions that you might share with your Slavic lady and here we will talk about them.

Slavic Traditions

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New Year

New Year is a very special holiday widely celebrated across the world. In western countries and Russia, family and friends gather to share a meal and ring in the New Year, often with a toast for a lucky and prosperous year to come. The only difference in celebrating the New Year in Russian culture is that they decorate a New Year tree with toys, garlands, and candies, while in other countries people make a New Year’s resolution, where people promise to do something better in the coming year.


Christmas is a public holiday in Russia and other western countries celebrated by Christians as one of the most important holidays of the year. Russian Christmas traditions are similar to those practiced in the West, where the day is spent with family and considered a time of forgiveness and love. Thoughtful gifts are given to loved ones, and homes are decorated with figures of angels, stars, and nativity scenes. People also attend a Christmas mass on Christmas Eve. The difference here is that in the west, roast turkey and ham are popular for Christmas dinner, while in Russia various pickled items, pies, and Krendel are served. Also, Christmas is celebrated at different times of the year. In Russia, it is celebrated on 7th January.  


Slavic Traditions

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Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and Christians confess their sins on this day. The Friday before Easter Sunday is a day of fasting and in some areas has processions. On the eve of Easter Sunday, people put on their best clothes and gather for a happy family feast with various foods like easter bread, easter eggs, traditional cheesecake, and other tasty treats.  


The wedding traditions in Russia and the West are somewhat similar. It includes wearing a white or ivory gown to signify purity, a white veil to signify virginity, and a bouquet of flowers to signify the emotions of the bride. Another common tradition in weddings is that the groom should not see the bride in her wedding gown before the wedding as it brings bad luck. The difference in tradition is that in Russia, a wedding is considered seven sacraments, and placing crowns on the heads of the couple is more important than exchanging wedding rings.

These are some of the traditions that you are your Slavic lady have in common, and you can take the time to celebrate it with her. However, one most important thing about celebrating the holidays or other special days with her is to bring flowers.