Halloween in Russia: How do Russian singles celebrate the foreign holiday?

Halloween in Russia: How do Russian singles celebrate the foreign holiday?

Halloween is seen as a very American holiday in certain parts of the world, but Russian singles use the celebration to relax, unwind and have some fun.

One thing that is certain in Russia, is the country loves a good holiday. In the bigger cities, many international holidays are celebrated, including St Patricks Day in some quarters!

However, celebrating Halloween is a fairly recent thing for Russia, and perhaps only in the last 10 years or so has it become really popular to do so. It’s mostly enjoyed by the younger generation, and Russian singles are always ready to have some fun and let their hair down for this foreign holiday tradition.

So, if you’re looking to impress a Russian lady, or have some fun with her this Halloween, here are a few ways in which Russian women may celebrate Halloween:

Fancy dress parties

Russian singles

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Russian singles love a party, just like the other women elsewhere in the world. Halloween presents a great opportunity to wear some fancy dress and bright colors. It’s common to see Halloween parties with Russian girls all around the country. You’ll see everyone from Dracula to witches, with music, drink, and food enjoyed by all of the party goers.
Parties may also include buckets of oddly colored drinks, mainly black and orange, as the Halloween tradition around the world dictates!

Russian singles like going to bars and clubs

As the popularity of Halloween has grown in the country, Russian singles have also begun to head out and enjoy a night out with friends to celebrate. Bars and clubs in the big cities in Russia welcome people for Halloween parties, events, and celebrations.

Family celebrations

Like any key holiday in Russia, Halloween can be celebrated privately by families. It’s not as common as in other parts of the world, but Russian singles may take the opportunity to stay home with family and enjoy a large meal, games and fancy dress to celebrate the Halloween holiday.

Hit the streets

While trick or treating is very rare still in Russia, the streets of larger towns and cities may well come alive with colorful costumes and exciting celebrations for Halloween. Again, it’s the younger generation that is most likely to enjoy these activities having grown up with the emergence of Halloween. Russian singles will mix with friends, often before heading off to a party or nightclub as already mentioned.