Halloween Costumes Your Slavic Lady Will be Happy to Try on

Halloween Costumes Your Slavic Lady Will be Happy to Try on

Halloween is nearly upon us and this means it’s time to let your hair down and have some fun with your Slavic lady.

This time of the year has become synonymous with fun, fancy dress and food! If your Slavic lady is up for a bit of fun, then why not get into the spirit of things by trying some fancy-dress costumes on? Perhaps you’ll decide to attend a Halloween party together or even enjoy a video call in festive outfits!

How would you dress up for Halloween?

Whatever you decide to do, trying on some Halloween costumes can be incredibly amusing. It’s a great way to spend an evening and even better if you try to make the costumes yourself!

Here are a few costumes that your Slavic lady will be happy to try on for you:

Russian nesting dolls

Okay, so this may not be a traditional Halloween outfit, and you would probably need more than one Slavic lady! However, many fancy-dress stores now sell Russian doll outfits – or you can make your own. It’s a traditional Russian dress as you’d see on the iconic wooden dolls, but if your Slavic lady has some friends, they can stand next to each other in size order! Okay, it’s a little impractical perhaps, but she may have dressed up like this with friends of family when she was younger. It will certainly draw some laughter if she pulls it off!

A ghost

Okay, this is almost certainly the easiest and cheapest outfit for your Slavic lady to dress in. But by simply taking a large white bed sheet and cutting a couple of eye holes, she can soon be dressed as a ghost. Simple? Yes. Effective? Most definitely!

A witch

What are your favorite Halloween treats?

The great thing about your Slavic lady dressing up as a Halloween witch is that there are so many variations she could use. From the fun and playful witch costume to the scary or freaky kind, she can really make this her own. Give her some time to be creative and she can really make a special costume that you won’t forget in a hurry!


There have been many iconic movies down the years that involve clowns and are scary! Just like the witch costumes, clown outfits can have so many different styles that it’s a lot of fun and one your Slavic lady will enjoy!

A naughty/scary schoolgirl

Whatever time of the year you are invited to a costume party, you will likely see someone dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl. Thanks to movies such as Scary Movie, this outfit actually works for Halloween too. Your Slavic lady can also make the outfit as naughty, scary or playful as she wants!