5 St.Valentine’s Day Traditions Of Your Latin lady

5 St.Valentine’s Day Traditions Of Your Latin lady

Whether you’re trying to woo a Latin lady or you’re in a long-term relationship, it is essential that you are aware of cultural events that are important, of which St. Valentine’s Day is one. By showing you have an understanding of their St. Valentine’s Day traditions, you’re showing that you are thoughtful and caring – both fantastic characteristics in a partner.

5 St. Valentine’s Day Traditions Of Your Latin lady

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El Dia Del Amor y la Amistad

Throughout the UK, most of us see Valentine’s Day as a way to celebrate our romantic relationships and this isn’t necessarily different from Latin countries. However, they do also call the 14th February El Dia Del Amor y la Amistad – the day of love and friendship. Encourage your Latin lady to celebrate her friendships on this day as well as your relationship. That is likely to be a tradition that is important to her.

Old Love Parade with Latin Lady

If they are from Guatemala or anywhere near this, they may well have attended the Old Love Parade that takes place in the city on this day. You might not be able to put on a full-parade but recognising this has a celebration – which sees the local senior citizens riding floats throughout the year in costumes full of colour –is something that you should try and do.

5 St. Valentine’s Day Traditions Of Your Latin lady

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Valentine’s in September

For some Latin countries (Columbia and Bolivia) they celebrate Valentine’s Day in September. They celebrate Valentines in much the same way as us. However, they just do the celebrations on the 20th September (Colombia) and the 21st September (Bolivia).

Peruvian Orchids for Latin Lady

For many Latin ladies, the 14th of February is also considered a public holiday – the Holiday of Love. Often on this day, there are weddings and festivals to mark the occasion. Those in Peru exchange the native Orchid flower rather than roses. So this is definitely something to keep in mind if you are buying your Latin lady flowers for the occasion.

Angelito o Amigo Secreto

Throughout parts of the Dominican Republic, they use this day for the children to have a little fun. Children of all ages swap presents, in a similar to the way we might do Secret Santa for the Christmas holidays. Known as Angelito (Little Angel) or Amigo Secreto (Secret Friend). It is a good idea for you to be aware of this tradition, especially if your Latin partner has small children in their family.

You are likely to know your Latin lady the best, so be sure to speak to her about her traditions and how she likes to celebrate any important occasion throughout the year. Being a considerate partner is a big step to helping a relationship be a success. Along with being aware of different cultural occasions is a big part of this.