Should you Congratulate your Slavic Single on September 1st Holiday?

Should you Congratulate your Slavic Single on September 1st Holiday?

If you’re dating a Slavic single, then you should probably know about an upcoming national holiday that could be a pretty important date in her diary.

In Russia and almost every Russian-speaking country, September 1st is known as a holiday. Referred to as Knowledge Day, it has a couple of meanings.

Why your Slavic single will know about Knowledge Day

First celebrated in 1984, today it pretty much symbolises two things which your Slavic single will almost certainly be aware of. Firstly, it’s when school starts in Russia and all pupils are set to return to the classroom. For first graders, it’s an even bigger deal as they embark on the most important years of education in their life.

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Will you warm me this autumn?

Secondly, September 1st officially marks the end of summer and the start of Autumn. This means that thoughts will begin to shift away from those nice summery activities in the sunshine and around to something a little more accepting of cooler weather, poorer light and more indoor-focussed activities.

How to celebrate September 1st with your Slavic single?

Now you know what September 1st is and why it is celebrated, the next question to ask is whether you should congratulate your Slavic single on the day? 

Well, in 2020 as much as any other year, you most definitely should. It has been a strange year anyway, but actually Knowledge Day can be used as a moment to reminisce at achievements or perhaps her former school days.

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I want to love and to be loved!

There are lots of little celebrations you could do or gifts that you could buy her for September 1st. Gifts that remind her of her school days or starting life as a first grader would be pretty cool. These could be retro sweets or perhaps some clothing or memories of TV shows from the time at which your Slavic single was in school. Something positive to keep those memories flooding back.

Alternatively, you could look to celebrate with her on the angle of a new autumn season beginning. Buy yourself some new walking boots or winter coats and head out for some nice walks as the leaves begin to fall and those nights draw in. 

If you’ve been able to enjoy a great summer with your Slavic single, you could also look back at photos from the summer and recall all of the great moments, exciting days out and romantic meals that you enjoyed together. Then, why not make some plans for the autumn?

So, whatever you decide to do, you should definitely take the opportunity of the September 1st holiday to put some fun and joy into your lives and celebrate together!