Signs That Your Slavic Single Is Ready For That First Kiss

Signs That Your Slavic Single Is Ready For That First Kiss

If you’ve met the perfect Slavic single with whom you’re building a relationship, you’re probably desperate to be able to enjoy that first kiss.

In any relationship, the first kiss is always one that is very special. It marks the first intimate exchange between the couple and usually signals the start of the relationship becoming more official.

If you are in the early stages of a relationship with a Slavic single, you’re probably anticipating that amazing moment when you kiss for the first time. However, it can be a little tricky to pick the right time and to recognize when your lady is ready for that first kiss.

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But, worry no more, as we take you through some of the sure signs that your Slavic single is ready for that big moment.

She looks longingly into your eyes

One sign that your Slavic single is ready for that first kiss is when you realize that you’re both making a lot of loving, deep eye contact. Whether you deem them serious or playful, if you’re gazing into each other’s eyes then it’s probably a sign that trying for that first kiss is going to be a success.

Your relationship involves a lot of cuddling and holding hands

If your relationship with your Slavic single is already quite physical, in the sense that you’re holding hands, hugging or putting your arms around each other, then you’ll probably find that a first kiss is a pretty natural progression. You’re probably both ready for it and only nerves are holding you back.

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She talks about your future together

If you are both discussing your future as a couple and she is as ‘into it’ as you are, then a first kiss should be just around the corner.

She looks like she may make the first move

For all you know, your Slavic single could be as desperate to get the first kiss out of the way as you are. In fact, you may notice that she is already showing signs of making the first move – gazing into your eyes, getting very close to your face and looking at your mouth.

Test the situation yourself

Finally, if you want a sure-fire way to test to see if your Slavic single is ready for the first kiss, then why not test the water? Slowly, move toward kissing her. If you feel that she isn’t expecting it or maybe about to turn away, you can disguise it into a hug without creating an awkward moment. The chances are, however, that this will be that big moment.