Five kissing types to try with your Russian wife

Five kissing types to try with your Russian wife

In any relationship, it’s important to keep things fresh and exciting by trying new things and having fun with your Russian wife.

A great way of doing this is to try some of the many types of kissing. It can be great fun, cause a lot of laughter and create memories. Not to mention, you’ll both have a great time.

So, if you’re looking to add some fun and creativeness back into the relationship with your Russian wife, here are five different types of kisses you should absolutely try!

Russian wife

Can you imagine our first kiss?

Eskimo Kiss

The Eskimo kiss is one that your Russian wife will love – and it’s so much more romantic than it first appears. It originates from the Arctic as an ancient way of Eskimos displaying affection to one and other. Simple rub your noses against each other gently – it may even tickle, but you’ll definitely find that it’s quite romantic and may lead to some more kissing!

Kiss on the cheek

Okay, this one may seem a little lame, but a kiss on the cheek is still one of the most comforting ways to show affection to your Russian wife. Giving her a soft kiss on her cheek can actually really put a smile on her face and help her to feel loved, especially if you do it when she isn’t expecting it. Give it a try – the very least you will get back is a loving smile!

Kiss on the hand

Russian wife

Can I give you a kiss?

This is one for the old-fashioned gentleman and true romantics! A staple of old romantic movies, kissing the back of your Russian wife’s hand is a sure sign of your admiration and respect for her. Try doing it when you leave for work in the morning when you take her out for dinner or simply when you return home. It’s a lovely way of reaffirming your feelings for her.

Kiss on the lips

It’s one of the simplest yet loving ways of kissing your Russian wife, but a kiss on the lips will keep you both wanting more and truly feeling the love between you. It brings a real sense of closeness, tenderness, and admiration between a couple and can set a beautifully romantic mood. It can also be a really loving way to start a day, to greet your Russian lady or to say goodbye. Either way, make sure a kiss on the lips becomes part of your daily routine!

French kiss

Last but by no means least is perhaps the sexiest of them all; the French kiss. French people are known as being hugely romantic and great lovers, and so it’s no surprise that we have them to thank for the most passionate of kisses!