The Celebration of The Summer Solstice With Your Slavic Girlfriend

The Celebration of The Summer Solstice With Your Slavic Girlfriend

Once you get together with a Slavic girlfriend it is really important to show an interest and respect for her culture and beliefs. We all have things we have done since childhood, that are important to our family and culture. Your Slavic girlfriend will be no exception. The summer solstice is just one time of year that she is likely to want to celebrate and it can be a great step in your relationship if you choose to celebrate this together.

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Be Understanding

Remember that communication is the key to any successful relationship and building something special with your Slavic girlfriend is no exception. Ensure that you talk to her about the summer solstice and what she would like to do to celebrate. Also, make sure she feels comfortable enough to be able to talk to you about the offer things that she finds important throughout the year and what you can do to support the celebration of these. Slavic culture might be different from your own but that doesn’t mean you should ignore their traditions – instead be willing to listen and learn as this will do wonders for your relationship.

Celebration of Summer Solstice

The celebration of the summer solstice is something that goes back hundreds of years, in fact in pagan times it was a 3-day festival that involved prays and asking for prosperity. It has always been important to Slavic ladies and your Slavic girlfriend is likely no exception. You can learn about some of the things that she might like to do as part of the celebration.

Wreath Making

This is probably the strongest of the traditions and therefore arguably one of the most important. Not only do they like to partake in wreath making, but in Slavic countries, young girls will put on white dresses and float the wreaths they have made down rivers, streams, or even into the sea.

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Song definitely has a big part to play in summer solstice celebrations. If you attend a party then you will find that they sing songs and dance until the sunsets. They will also spend time telling tales and swapping stories right through the evening.

Spending Time Together

Friendships and relationships are definitely a part of the Slavic celebrations for summer solstice, you may even find that they come together to greet the summer sun –keen to wash their face with morning dew.

Fire Jumping

In the right setup, your Slavic girlfriend will probably want to take part in fire jumping. This is where a bonfire is light and they take turns to jump over the flames. They believe in lighting a fire to keep your home safe from fire in the future and jumping over it in order to avoid bad luck.

These are just some of the traditions that your Slavic girlfriend might enjoy. You can most certainly impress her with some of this knowledge and show her that you have looked into what is important to her. Always talk to her about the things she enjoys and that way you have a good chance of being able to enjoy them together.