Winter Traditional Activities For You and Your Slavic Lady

Winter Traditional Activities For You and Your Slavic Lady

What makes winter even more beautiful, are the traditions and celebrations that go around worldwide. If you have some days off don’t forget to spend some quality time with your soul mate! What better way to reignite that spark in your relationship than to have fun with your loved one with perfect traditional activities for you and your Slavic lady?

Let’s bake something together!

If you are short of ideas, do not worry, we are here to help you out. All men, tight up your boots and get ready to offer your lady the best moments with our guide.

Try Your Hand at Baking Krendel

This Pretzel shaped bread filled with dry fruits is rich and delicious bread. You must have seen someone bake it and always loved it, but have you ever tried making it? Why not try your hand at baking this sweet treat with your Slavic lady. You can find the recipe online and gather all the required ingredients and bake up the scrumptious delight in your kitchen. Also, it is said that couples who cook together build teamwork and strengths their bond.

Celebrate Kolyada

It is an ancient Slavic Winter Solstice celebration where negative forces are banished and the new season is invited. Originally celebrated at Winter Solstice, however, with the advent of Christianity, it now begins on Christmas Eve. Songs of prosperity and luck for each individual family member are a usual part of Kolyada. You too can celebrate this by getting dressed up in traditional costume and greet your Slavic lady.

Would you like to go stargazing with me?

Explore History and Enjoy a Museum Visit

If you are a history lover finding a companion with the matching wavelength is one of the most challenging things. However, dating a Slavic lady, you may have a history buff with you, so exploring history is definitely one of the most fun activities to try. This is because Ukraine or Russia has a rich history and various museums and your lady love could be passionate about it. So, find out great museums, make a list of the itinerary and get set go.

Consider Stargazing Together

All of us are so busy with our phones, laptops, and other gadgets that we hardly take the time to consider simple activities like stargazing. Stargazing together is a deeply romantic, free, and delightfully disconnected way for you and your Slavic lady to reconnect with each other. Know your lunar cycles, find the best location away from city lights, and pack a blanket, cushions, warm clothes, and some food. For a true romance hot chocolate is a must. Bring a map of the night sky and have some fun making up your own constellations.