5 things that can destroy your relationship with a Slavic lady

5 things that can destroy your relationship with a Slavic lady

Dating a Slavic lady can be exhilarating and fascinating, but you need to beware of things that can totally derail your relationship.

Like ladies from every part of the world, there will be some things that a Slavic lady will find annoying or even insulting. Avoiding making these mistakes will be vital if your relationship is to grow into a successful and lasting one.

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Here are five things that can destroy your relationship with a Slavic lady:


One thing that will drive any relationship apart but will almost certainly destroy a relationship with a Slavic lady, is dishonesty. Being honest with one another is crucial in a relationship and you will have real problems if you begin to lie or stretch the truth. Don’t make up stories about staying late at work when you were in fact at the pub, for example. Just be honest and give her the respect she deserves.

Insulting the culture of your Slavic lady

Slavic ladies are fiercely proud of their own culture and you should respect this. If possible, try to learn the odd Slavic phrase and be aware of any national holidays or events that she may be used to celebrating. Whatever you do, do not belittle or be ignorant to her home country and culture, otherwise, things will come to an end quite swiftly.

Devaluing of family

Your Slavic lady will most likely value her family very highly and also have hopes of forming a strong family unit with you in the future. Always be mindful of the important part that family plays in her life and show an interest in her own family. Failure to give it the respect it deserves will probably end in tears.

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Failure to fully invest yourself in the relationship

Once you meet a Slavic lady that falls for you, she will invest a lot in making the relationship work. She will try to overcome obstacles such as language, location, and career to give your relationship the best chance of being successful. However, if you are not as invested into it as her, or even if you merely give the impression that you’re not too bothered, then she will quickly lose interest.

Being unfaithful

Last but by no means least, it’s loyalty. Do not even be tempted to be unfaithful to your Slavic lady – or any other lady for that matter. It will almost certainly drive her to break things off. Loyalty and honesty are huge for Slavic women and being faithful to one and other is key to both of these.