Top ten summer activities to do with a Russian bride

Top ten summer activities to do with a Russian bride

Summer in Russia has begun on the 1st day of June and what is a better way to enjoy the summer than doing so with your Russian bride? There are many activities that your Russian bride will enjoy doing during the warmer summer months, so whether you’re with her in Russia or if you are both in your home country, have a look down our list of top ten activities to participate in with your Russian bride.

Head outdoors

Summertime in Russia is a great time for both tourists and locals to head outside and enjoy the natural beauty which the country offers.  Traditionally, a lot of Russian families will head to local parks and outdoor attractions when the weather warms up in summer, so you should do the same and enjoy the great outdoors with your Russian bride. Why not pack a picnic and head to the local park and enjoy some relaxing time together?

Recreate some of your Russian bride’s childhood traditions

The start of summer in Russia usually heralds the beginning of a tradition known as ‘dousing’. It involves children throwing buckets of cold water over often unsuspecting friends and family. Why not let your Russian lady rekindle her childhood memories and do some dousing of your own?

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Take some time off together

Regardless of where you are in the world, taking some time off with your Russian bride can really help you both to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. Book a few days off and spend them together.

Wave goodbye to the city

In many parts of Russia, locals will leave the big cities for a few days or on weekends during the warmer summer months so they can cool off and enjoy the natural beauty offered in the countryside. Even if you’re in your home country, why not do this and relax together away from the busy cities?

Go to music festivals

Music festivals are popular in Russia during the summer, as they are all over the world. Enjoy great music and great weather with your Russian bride at a music festival.

Cook some traditional Russian summer food

Your Russian lady will love it if she can have the tastes of a Russian summer to enjoy with you. Why not cook up a batch of beetroot soup, okroshka or apple buns to really enjoy an authentic Russian summer?

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Visit romantic landmarks

If you’re in Russia, you could take your Russian bride to some of the many romantic landmarks in cities such as St. Peterburg or Moscow. Alternatively, look for romantic places closer to home and enjoy them with her.

Take a dip

Summer is a perfect time to cool off by taking a dip in the sea, a local river or open-air swimming pool. Treat your Russian woman to a dip somewhere cool and relaxing this summer.

Go on a drive with your Russian bride

It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a sports car or a convertible, the summer is the perfect time to jump in the car and enjoy a drive with the windows down and the music playing.

See a movie under the stars

Cities around the world now have somewhere you can go and catch a movie under the stars during the summer. What better way to enjoy the warmer summer months than by watching a romantic movie with your Russian bride.