Music Genre Russian Women Prefer

Music Genre Russian Women Prefer

Russian women love music, it’s ingrained in their culture and has been part of Russian life for generations. Much like western music tastes have changed and evolved with the generations, Russian music, and its fans have evolved too.

Music Genre Russian Women Prefer

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The music a Russian woman prefers will often be influenced by their age. Younger women tend to like westernised Russian bands and acts as well as western groups. The more mature a Russian lady, the more chance she will also like the more traditional Russian music. Predominantly produced before the 1980s, Russian music was varied in many genres and epochs. 


Since then Russia has developed its own versions of western styles like Gangsta rap being represented in Russia by Shanson, a street-influenced fairly graphic genre of rap. Russian music has been shaped in recent years by Valeriy Meladze. He is a Georgian-born Tenor singer who became famous in Russia singing songs his brother had written.

His music still holds a place for Russian women born in the last 30 years of the 20th century. It is the changes he has brought to the Russian music industry. He is a producer that have changed Russian music in recent years.

Music Genre Russian Women Prefer

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He has brought many boy and girl pop bands to fame within Russia. Bands like VIA Gra (Nu Virgos). A Russian girl band that proved a great hit with younger Russian women. Russian music and the musical tastes of its women have become increasingly westernized in the last decade. The bands such as Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand became incredibly popular.

Common Ground

A look at Shazams top 200 music track downloads in Russia will give you a glimpse into the diverse world of Russian musical tastes. The range of styles and artists is just as great as western music. Each Russian woman will have their preferences.

Though it is fair to say Russian music stars and celebrities get much less western media coverage than their western counterparts get in Russia. So don’t be surprised if your musical tastes are actually really similar to Russian women’s tastes. The artists’ names may be different but the styles of music remain broadly the same.

As with people in the west, Russian women can often like a different spread of genres depending on the occasion. Everyone enjoys lively music at a party, but less so if you are trying to unwind at home. So choosing the right music to please a Russian lady has as much to do with time and location as to her own personal taste. Good music will always be appreciated by Russian women.