Russian Brides: 4 Cultural Lessons You Need to Know

Russian Brides: 4 Cultural Lessons You Need to Know

Russian brides are famous for their good qualities. Their reputation is known not just in their own country but also in many other parts of the world, especially in the West. The good news is you don’t have to drool at a distance and be jealous of Russian guys for their awesome wives. You too can marry the girl of your dreams from Mother Russia where single women outnumber men according to recent surveys. This is one of the biggest reasons why Russian women are now more open to marrying men from other countries. In other words, you’re in luck.

Russian brides

A pretty Russian bride Svetlana

Men from western cultures will find that marrying Russian brides doesn’t require a lot of adjustment in terms of habits,
idiosyncrasies, or overall way of life. You see, Russian culture and traditions closely resemble those in western countries. Still, there are some small cultural gaps that you can expect when you marry Sasha from Russia. Here they are:

  1. Russian Brides Trained to Focus on Family

You can expect your Russian bride to focus on your family despite all the challenges that come with family life. She grew up in a culture that puts family first. Once you get married, she will take care of you and your family to the best of her abilities. If you dread spending your life with a western woman who is dead set on climbing the career ladder and neglecting you and your kids, then you should definitely go for a Russian woman. Unlike her sophisticated western counterpart, your Russian wife will give you and your family all the attention and care you deserve.

  1. Loyalty Is Her Strongest Point

Aside from living up to her role as your devoted wife, a Russian girl will also do her best to be your best friend and confidant. When you are sick, she will be more than willing to nurse you back to good health. This level of loyalty and devotion has been ingrained among Russian brides. So whenever you’re feeling down, you don’t have to rely on drinking beer and alcohol to feel better. Your Russian wife will give you the comfort you need.

  1. Russian Brides Take Pride in Their Bodies

Proud is the word that defines Russian women. They know that they are endowed with a beautiful face and body. And the best thing about this is that they know how to use their perfect beauty to please their men. Unlike most western women who are too focused on making money and climbing the corporate ladder, Russian wives intend to use their physical gifts to make their husbands happy. This is why guys who are married to them remain loyal to their marriage. Russian brides are simply enchanting.

  1. Russian Brides Tend To Be Reserved at First

This may seem like the only hard thing about marrying Russian brides. Aware of their proud history and culture, Russian women tend to be standoffish at first encounter. Most women in Russia don’t like to show their emotions, not even if they like the person in front of them. So, the challenge for foreign men who want to take home Russian brides is creating the spark or breaking the ice, so to speak. The trick is to make your move very slowly. Do not rush things. The solution to this little cultural gap is to use a Russian dating agency. They will help you find the right bride without you losing sleep over how to impress or break the ice with an elegant Russian woman.