What Western Men Think of Russian Women?

What Western Men Think of Russian Women?

There are lots of articles and sayings concerning the image of Russian women. Many foreigners consider Russian ladies to be very beautiful, attractive, vulnerable, and passionate. In some cases, they dream to start a family with Russian brides.

The Beauty of Russian Women

The beauty involves such notions as attraction, grace, charm, elegance, and courtliness. The femininity of Russian girls is of great importance in comparison with the European ones. The main secrets of beauty are the sense of style, ability to dress with care and to look after themselves. Most western men focus their attention on such significant features as the women’s eyes, and Russian girls have the most meaningful glance. Some foreign men think that a Russian lady can enchant you with just a glance because they have large, bright, and lustrous eyes. Another interesting peculiarity is her charity, spirituality, and ability to sacrifice herself for the sake of those closest to her. It is a real enigma of the Russian soul!

110870803_1343061470Sophistication and Combinability

Western men distinguish another unique feature in Russian women – they are able to combine Slavic mystique with European delicacy. They also tend to be independent, energetic, and business like but in a softer way. They devote themselves to the family. No other woman can compare to her when it comes to devotion. Among moral virtues, many foreigners emphasize warm-heartedness, kindness, sincerity, humanity, and allegiance. In general, we can say that the world is the experience of the unique character of a Russian woman, her heartfelt beauty, her rare moral virtues, and ability to combine professional skills with loving care in a harmonious way.

Marrying Russian Women

Nowadays dating and marrying a foreigner has become a usual thing in Russia. Therefore before marrying a Russian woman BeHappy2Day.com advises you to get acquainted with some advantages that we are happy to list:

  •  Russian women are women who sacrifice themselves for the sake of their husbands. They sacrifice their career for the sake of family and kids. They have a heart of gold.
  • If they marry they dissolve in their husbands.
  • Russian women symbolize love, devotion, home, and children.
  • Once you meet her, you will feel what “paradise on the earth” is, and you will wonder how you could have ever lived without a Russian woman.
  • Getting in contact with Russian ladies will cost you almost nothing, so why not give it a try?

Cultural Peculiarities

All Russians venerate traditions and appreciate their culture. Our dating agency would like to draw your attention to some facts concerning Russian families, their lifestyle, food preferences, and etc., in order to simplify your first date with a Russian lady.

  • Russians are proud of their country.
  • You shouldn’t speak with a Russian bride about such topics that play down the importance of her country. They accept that their lives are difficult and they are proud of themselves for being able to flourish granting that others couldn’t.
  • They take great pride in their cultural background and expect the rest of the world to admire it.
  • If you are sought out as a guest for a meal, bring a small gift (male guests are expected to bring flowers. Do not give yellow flowers, they symbolize separation).
  • Leaving a small amount of food on your plate shows disrespect and your bad impression of the hosts.
  • Russian brides, as well as the others, appreciate sincere, open-minded, and cheerful people. They adore care and love.

BeHappy2Day.com sincerely hopes that the above-stated information and our pieces of advice will be useful to you and will help you in building your own relationship with a Russian lady.