What Makes Russian Women So Desirable to Men

What Makes Russian Women So Desirable to Men

Russian women are in a league of their own when it comes to beauty and personality. Dating a Russian woman will open up a new set of positive challenges. Men looking for Russian women like the chase, as they are a prize unlike any other.

James Bond

Some of the most memorable Bond Girls and characters had traits of Russian women. There are a distinct allure and classiness that comes with these Bond characters. They are celebrated for being sexy, fierce and intelligent enough to fool the world’s best secret agent. Although the characters are fictional, this isn’t far from the truth with most Russian women. They are as prideful as men, and that translates to a lot of positive personality traits.


One of the traits of Russian women is their supreme confidence. This is, of course, a blessing and a curse all wrapped into one. They understand the importance of physical attraction and are self-aware about personal beauty. The makeup process for a dinner date is no different than going to the grocery store. The time that is taken to get ready varies, but this is more of a pro than a con. Confidence is important in your mate – think about all of the men and women that go out looking like they just crawled out of bed. This is not a good look to have when you’re out, and it is something that you won’t see with a Russian woman. With that said, your Russian partner will expect the same type of confidence from you!

Natural Beauty

beautiful russian woman with amazing curly long hair

Makeup doesn’t improve the look of a woman; it accentuates their natural beauty in multiple stages. Russian women look the same from the moment they wake up to the second they fall asleep. Ageing gracefully is a result of this natural beauty and is one of the standouts of Russian women. A Russian woman will get a lot of compliment, even at an older age. Men looking for Russian women should not get jealous. Think of it as other people being fascinated with your great life decisions!

Traditional Roots

Tradition plays a big role in why a Russian woman is a keeper. Traditional values like empathy, cooking and culture is something that is overlooked. Many people think of ‘hot’ Russian women without giving a second thought to what they can bring as a lifelong partner. Underneath the perfect 10 physiques is something special that is worth holding onto. Tradition plays a strong role in long-lasting marriages. If that is your main goal, then a Russian woman ticks all of the right checkboxes.

Best Friends for Life

The true mark of a great partner is someone that will be with you through the good and bad times. Russian women are notoriously loyal, and that is a personality trait that is hard to replace. Marriage is a big deal in their country, so being in it for the long haul should come as no surprise. With that said, make sure that you have your priorities together before asking a Russian woman out. Playing games is not something they take lightly!