Places to visit with your Ukrainian woman this summer

Places to visit with your Ukrainian woman this summer

Summer is upon us which means it’s a great time to head outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather with your Ukrainian woman.

Wherever you live in the world, if you endure some cool temperatures or poor weather through the winter, the arrival of the summer months and some much-needed sunshine is cause for celebration.

Ukrainian woman

Let’s discover the world together!

It’s a great time for love to blossom as well, so why not take your Ukrainian woman somewhere nice? If you need some inspiration, take a look at our list below of places to visit with your Ukrainian bride this summer.


Let’s start with Ukraine itself. Blessed with stunning architecture and beautiful parkland, this historic city is perfect for exploring when the sun is shining. You can make it romantic for your Ukrainian woman too; pack a picnic and treat her to a special outdoor lunch in the park to get summer off to a flying start.

Carpathian Mountains

Staying in Ukraine, if you want to take your Ukrainian woman away for a weekend of outdoor fun, then consider heading to the Carpathian Mountains. A beautiful blend of lush meadows, dense forests, flowing rivers, mountain lakes and spectacular peaks, the Carpathian Mountains are an amazing place to escape to for a few days.


Located in Ukraine’s south-west, Chernivtsi is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Enjoy relaxing with your Ukrainian woman in the sunshine outside one of the many cosmopolitan coffee shops, stroll through the old town and admire the pastel-colored buildings or retreat to the parks for some shade and serenity. It will be a memorable trip!

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I wanna see new places with you!


If you’re looking to bring your Ukrainian woman some way west, then there are few better destinations for some summer romance than Paris. Perhaps the most romantic city in the world, the French capital has it all.


Talking of romantic destinations, your Ukrainian woman would love a summer trip to Verona, the setting for William Shakespeare’s’ legendary Romeo and Juliet. You can visit Juliet’s balcony, or just enjoy the stunning architecture, awe-inspiring history and colorful plants, flowers and trees around the city. It looks stunning during the summer months.


Often overlooked when it comes to destinations for romantic trips, if you want to treat your Ukrainian woman to high-quality Belgian chocolates, great beer, romantic canals and picturesque parkland, then Bruges is one that should definitely be on your radar.