The most beautiful places in the world to celebrate a wedding with your Ukrainian bride

The most beautiful places in the world to celebrate a wedding with your Ukrainian bride

Ukrainian girls, like girls throughout the world, are likely to have planned their perfect wedding from an early age. However, with foreign travel more accessible and inexpensive than ever, destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular and when you begin to plan your special day with your Ukrainian bride, you will be spoilt for choice as to where your nuptials should be made. Your Ukrainian bride may well be led in her decisions about where to have your wedding by the opinions and desires of her family, as may you. Try to be open minded when you begin your plans and consider destinations abroad and at home – the chances are that one of you will have to compromise as you already have different home countries. Below are some suggestions of the most beautiful wedding destinations in the world for you and your Ukrainian bride.

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Lviv, Ukraine

For the Ukrainian bride who does not want to venture out of her home country, Lviv offers a spectacular setting for a wedding. This beautiful city has attracted hoards of couples for many years, thanks to its fine scenery, easy to access venues and accomplished locals who can cater for every wedding need. Your Ukrainian bride is sure to be amazed by venues such as the Edem Resort and Spa which is just outside of Lviv and looks like a fairytale palace. Having hosted weddings for celebrities, this resort is one of the most famous in Ukraine and epitomizes class and luxury. With dozens of bedrooms and several restaurants, international guests are sure to feel pampered and at home when they attend your big day and photographs will be breathtaking thanks to lakeside settings and the hotel’s two delightful banquet halls.


Arguably the world’s most exquisite venue and romantic choice for honeymooners, the Maldives guarantees luxury and sunshine for couples who want to escape their home countries. For those who have a more flexible budget, the Maldives is a perfect destination and your Ukrainian bride will be made to feel like royalty from the moment she arrives. Whether you want a large gathering or more private occasion, you and your Ukrainian bride will be astounded by the variety of wedding plans available on these gorgeous islands and captivated by the range of delightful service levels and accommodations that you are offered.


One of the most historical and vibrant countries in the world, Italy offers you and your Ukrainian bride a wide variety of wedding options and settings. Whether you want a medieval castle in Florence, an alfresco ceremony in Bari or a grand hotel celebration in Rome, Italy has an abundance of choice. What’s more, the Italians truly know how to celebrate love and you, your Ukrainian bride and guests will never go hungry! Think weddings with laughter, food, flowing wine, dancing, romance and culture and you are guaranteed to fall in love with Italy.

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For those traditional romantics, Paris – the capital of romance for the world, is the ultimate wedding destination. Enjoy introducing all of your guests to a new destination by taking your wedding outside of both of your home countries and set the more atmospheric, loving and sensual setting for your big day. Whether you choose a beautiful church service or a more contemporary venue, the language of love will not be escaped. Of course, this magical city also offers an abundance of backdrops for some of the most breathtaking photos to ensure that every loving moment between you and your Ukrainian bride is captured for a lifetime.