Summer Activities to Try with Your Ukrainian Single

Summer Activities to Try with Your Ukrainian Single

Due to Ukraine’s geographical location, it offers endless options for leisure and various types of sports. Summer is a great time to make travel arrangements with your Ukrainian single and engage yourselves in new hobbies and activities.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the summer activities you can try with your Ukrainian single to spice up your relationship.

Summer Activities to Try with Your Ukrainian Single

What do you want to do in summer?

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Taking a balloon flight in the company of your Ukrainian single enables you to see Ukraine from an aerial point of view. You might choose from many launch sites and enjoy the incredible sites of picturesque towns and the countryside. A hot air balloon ride is thrilling and relaxing especially in summer when nature has to offer bright vistas.

Additionally, this is a perfect option for a romantic date. A hot air balloon flight is common among Ukrainians due to its romantic experience. Also try to participate with your Ukrainian single in the annual hot air balloon celebrations in Kamyanets Poldilskyy, Ukraine.

Rafting with Ukrainian Single

You can have fun with your Ukrainian single rafting on the rivers in the Ukrainian mountains. You can easily access the rivers in the Carpathian region. There is a great range to choose from canoes, kayaks, rafts, and catamarans. The best time to participate in these activities is in April and May when melting snow swells the rivers with water.

Summer Activities to Try with Your Ukrainian Single

Let’s have a summer trip together!

Spending Quality Time by The Beach

There are lots of conventional beach activities you can engage in with your Ukrainian single. You can participate in Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) for a fun way to play in the water with your partner. There are also SUP boarding gear rentals that provide all the equipment for a fun experience in the water at affordable prices.

Reserve Tour with Your Ukrainian Single

If you are a fan of wild nature, you can visit a Ukrainian national reserve like Askania Nova Biosphere reserve. Here you can enjoy watching rare bird species and animals with your Ukrainian woman. This national reserve is famous worldwide and is among the oldest biosphere reserves in Europe.

There are rare wild animals that live there and it is well known as among the seven wonders of Ukraine. You get to have a wonderful experience with your Ukrainian single observing the reserve’s unique collection like the Scottish ponies, saigas, wild horses, deer and so much more.

In summary, the list of Ukrainian summer activities is long depending on what you are interested in. You can do your research to figure out some of the latest and interesting ideas to make you have fun with your Ukrainian single and have memorable experiences together.