Celebrate Songkran with a Thai Woman

Celebrate Songkran with a Thai Woman

Songkran comes from the English word ‘Sanskrit’, which means coming to pass. It is Thailand’s most famous festival. Songkran is Thai’s new year festival celebrated on the 13th of April of every year and goes on for three days. In the old days in Thai land, Songkran was the official new year. However, in 1940 new year’s day was changed to the 1st and Songkran became the official holiday. During this festival, Thais show their respect to the monks and elders, by sprinkling water over their hands. Splashing water is one of the important significance of this holiday. They believe that splashing water over friends or anyone will grant them New Year’s blessing and chase away bad luck.  If one is dating a Thai woman, celebrating Songkran with her will help you to know and understand better Thai culture.

To ensure that you have a great time when you are celebrating Songkran with a Thai woman, there are a few things you should be able to keep in mind:

Celebrate Songkran with a Thai Woman

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Respect the Traditions and Customs of the Festival

Songkran is a deeply rooted traditional and cultural event in Thailand. As you are celebrating it with a Thai woman, you need to show respect for the customs. A few of the customs and traditions to be observed include: visiting the temples, participating in merit-making activities, and pouring water over the hands of the monks and the elderly as a sign of respect.

Dress in a Decent Manner

One of the significant importance of Songkran is splashing water. It is therefore important to dress appropriately for the occasion. They advise men to wear shorts and t-shirts and for Thai women wear swimsuits underneath a short and a shirt. These are light clothes and will be able to dry quickly.

Try the Local Food

During the Songkran festivals, part of the main activities is trying out the famous Thai local foods. If you are dating or in a relationship with a Thai woman, they would for sure want you to try their local dishes. Some of their traditional foods include Khao Chae, Mango Sticky Rice, and Prawn pad Thai.  

Celebrate Songkran with a Thai Woman

Let’s celebrate Songkran!

Participate in the Water Festivities

Songkran is a water-intensive festival. Together with a Thai woman, you can participate in water activities. These water activities include water fights or dousing each other with water from buckets and water guns. Joining and participating in these activities, will enable you to mingle with the Thai people and see how friendly and nice they are.

Show Gratitude and Appreciation

Since you are celebrating Songkran with a Thai woman, be sure to express your sincerity and gratitude for such an opportunity to experience their cultural experience. Thank her for letting you participate in the famous Thai celebration and having a good time.


By following a few tips above, you and your Thai woman, will for sure experience a remarkable and enjoyable experience.