Scenarios when your Ukrainian Lady can Feel Discriminated

Scenarios when your Ukrainian Lady can Feel Discriminated

If you’ve met the Ukrainian lady of your dreams, then you’re going to want to make sure that you’re not inadvertently insulting her or making her feel uncomfortable.

International dating is amazing and quite literally opens up a world of opportunity. But within this, there are some instances when you need to be mindful of the culture and upbringing of your Ukrainian lady.

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Do you know any Ukrainian holidays?

While nobody ever means to discriminate against a loved one, it can be easy to do without even realising if you’re dating somebody from a different part of the world. Your Ukrainian lady will speak a different language and be used to different cultures and traditions. Social situations can also be quite different in parts of the Western world.

To help you be aware of occasions when your Ukrainian lady can feel intimidated, here are a few example scenarios.

Laughing and joking with friends

If you’re with a group of friends all speaking English together while laughing and joking, your Ukrainian lady may not understand what you are discussing or laughing about. It may make her feel uncomfortable, or worse still, think that she is the subject of the joke. Make sure you always make her feel welcome and explain any jokes or conversations that are taking place around her.

When key holidays are missed

Your Ukrainian lady may be used to some different holidays and events in her tradition and culture. Ignoring these – usually through not being aware of them – can make her feel as though she isn’t valued or that her culture doesn’t matter. For example, she may celebrate Christmas on January 7th rather than the normal date of December 25th, as per the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Make sure you’re open to celebrating her holidays as much as your own.

Feeling cut-off from family and friends

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Have you ever tasted Ukrainian food?

If your Ukrainian lady lives with you, then she may sometimes feel a little isolated and cut-off from family and friends who are back in Ukraine. You should encourage her to have regular contact with people back home. Better still, you should make sure that you join her on some calls to try and get to know her family and friends as well. This shows her that you are as keen to immerse yourself in her social situation as much as she is yours.

Provisions are not made for her religion

If your Ukrainian lady is religious, then she will want to continue to practise that religion even if she has moved in with you or lives in your country. She may feel discriminated against if you do not allow her time to do this or if there is nowhere locally for her to go and practise it. Make sure you support her with this.

All food and drink are western style

Any relationship is about giving and taking. You need to be prepared to meet her halfway on things, so even when you’re living together in your home, make sure you still have plenty of opportunities for her to enjoy traditional Ukrainian food, even if it means you helping her to cook it. Moving to a new country can be tough enough, but she can feel very out-of-place if simple things like food and drink that she is used to is not available.