Red flags you should not ignore in your relationship with a Ukrainian lady

Red flags you should not ignore in your relationship with a Ukrainian lady

There are few more exciting things in life than getting into a new relationship with a lady, but you should be aware of any red flags that exist when entering into a relationship with a Ukrainian lady.

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Ladies from Ukraine are known for their beauty, intellect, and loyalty. However, as with anywhere else in the world, there will potential partners who you aren’t compatible with, and you should be aware of the red flags from the outset.

Here are a few things to look out for that may indicate that your latest relationship with a Ukrainian lady may not work.

Your Ukrainian lady is over-protective

If your partner shows signs of being over-protective of you, then you probably need to address it. This can include keeping you from friends, stopping you from seeing your own parents and keeping you to herself. If you’re in the early stages of a relationship, it may cool off and become more routine, however, it’s something you need to bring up with her.

If it continues, or she becomes overly defensive, then it may be time to look elsewhere.

There is laziness or zero work ethic

One thing that isn’t attractive from the outset, and even less so once you’re in a relationship, is when your partner is lazy or has zero work ethic. For a relationship to be truly successful, both partners should be committed to making things work. This may require domestic chores to be equally shared out, such as cooking and cleaning, and when it comes to a career, both should display a willingness to work.
If you find yourself doing all of the work at home as well as in your day job, things probably need looking at.

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Signs of verbal aggression

The aggression of any sort in any relationship is not nice, and so you should be aware of the signs. This is not just physical but look for red flags verbally. Does your Ukrainian lady call you horrible names during arguments, or does she constantly refer to her exes as being “crazy” or other such words? If so, this may be a red flag that suggests all is not well.

Different working patterns

This one is less of a personal thing, and more a general concern. If your Ukrainian lady works different working patterns to yourself and it’s something that is unlikely to change, then you need to consider whether it’s going to work for you both long-term.

There is a desire to access to all of your social accounts, email, etc.

If your new lady is keen to get access to all of your social media and email accounts, even if she uses the excuse “if you have nothing to hide, what’s the problem?”, you should probably get out while you can. It’s a level of control nobody should force upon you and is probably a sign of how the relationship will go.