Five Things to Do when Your Ukrainian Lady is in a Bad Mood

Five Things to Do when Your Ukrainian Lady is in a Bad Mood

If there is one thing that all men dread, it’s when their partner or wife is in a bad mood. When your Ukrainian lady is annoyed, you need to know how to make things right.

We all have times when our mood isn’t the best. It could be the fault of your partner, a family member, a friend or someone at work. It can also be caused by other stresses and frustrations.

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I’d like to watch TV together

However, the secret to a good relationship is to be able to turn a bad mood into a happy one. If you can do this for your Ukrainian lady, then you’re going to be very well placed to grow a long and happy relationship together.

The challenge is that there are so many ways of potentially cheering her up. Some may work, but some could go and make the situation worse still.

So, if your Ukrainian lady is in a bad mood, here are five things you can do to potentially make the situation better.

Say sorry or make yourself scarce

First thing is first. If she is in a bad mood from something you have done, or something that is your fault, then there are two potential routes to take. Firstly, make sure you apologise, if she is willing to take your apology at this point. If not, then give her some space and time to calm down.

Buy her some Ukrainian chocolate

If there is one way to a woman’s heart, it may well be with chocolate. If you’re able to order some nice Ukrainian chocolate, Lviv chocolate for example, then this will sure brighten her mood. Not only does it taste wonderful, but it will remind her of home and the fact that you love her.

Watch something on TV with her

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Stars said that I will find my love here and I believe them!

When your Ukrainian lady is in a bad mood, one of the best ways to cheer her up may be to watch some great television. Even if it’s not great for you, so long as she likes it and it takes her mind off things, then it may go a long way to helping turn that bad mood into one that is much more positive.

Make her laugh

It’s a pretty simple solution, but a sure-fire way of cheering a lady up is to make her laugh – it will restore the smile to her face rapidly. So, tell her a joke, do that impression or funny voice that she loves. Anything, really, to make her laugh.

Grab her motanky doll

Even the most grown-up of girls still has her favourite teddy bear or doll stashed away somewhere. If there is one way to cheer up a Ukrainian lady, it is to grab her favourite Motanky (Ukrainian rag doll) and let her cuddle up to it.