Most Common Christmas Gifts Your Ukrainian Lady May Get For You

Most Common Christmas Gifts Your Ukrainian Lady May Get For You

Christmas is just around the corner and so many will be turning their attention toward what gifts to buy for people they love. But, have you considered which gifts your Ukrainian lady may give you?

Sometimes it’s really useful to know the types of gifts that someone will get for you as it helps to plan what you could buy them in return. Your Ukrainian lady may play it fairly safe with your Christmas gift, but there are several ways in which she can put a Ukrainian shine on them.

What do you want for Christmas?

Here are some of the most common Christmas gifts that your Ukrainian lady may get for you this year.

Chocolate from Lviv

The Ukrainian city of Lviv is famous the world over for its amazing confectionary and artisan chocolatiers. It’s been making and exporting its chocolate to Europe since the 19th century and still today many Ukrainians take pride in presenting chocolate from Lviv as a gift. Your Ukrainian lady may see this as a great gift idea.

Traditional painted wooden box

There are lots of lovely traditional Ukrainian gifts that your Ukrainian lady may give you for Christmas. One of them is a painted wooden box. These small boxes are carefully sculptured from slices of log and then painted with traditional, colourful designs. They look brilliant, are a really thoughtful gift and come in really useful for storing things such as keys.


Let’s find the path to happiness together!

An old favourite for loving ladies to buy their men, aftershave remains one of the most popular gifts a man can receive from his woman at Christmas.

Ukrainian jewellery

Another traditional gift which your Ukrainian lady may get you for Christmas is Ukrainian jewellery. From the Carpathian wooden bracelets made in the mountainous region near Lviv to the colourful beaded necklaces available from artists across Ukraine, these carefully crafted and traditional pieces of art can be unisex in design and are a great gift to receive.


Finally, receiving alcohol from your Ukrainian lady could also be quite likely. From some fairly standard wines and beers through to something much more traditional from Ukraine, there are plenty of options to choose from. If she wants to go down the traditional route when choosing your gift, she may get you some Horilka. This is a traditional Ukrainian alcoholic beverage containing a vodka-like spirit mixed in a variety of flavours including fruits, herbs and spices.