How to Spend Christmas With Your Latin Woman?

How to Spend Christmas With Your Latin Woman?

Christmas is one of the most important Catholic holidays, and undoubtedly a very important event for your Latin woman. If this is the first time you spend it together, you have to do it right. Here are a few tips and tricks to show her you respect her culture and traditions while enjoying a Christmas like no other.

Prepare a Traditional Noche Buena Feast

The Christmas Eve – or Noche Buena – is a big deal for most Latin women. This is a time when families come together and spend quality time in the company of each other. It all starts with a big feast that involves huge amounts of food, drinks, and joy, kind of like Thanksgiving in the USA.

To keep her happy, plan a traditional Noche Buena feast for her on Christmas Eve and get ready to take her to the mass at midnight.

Don’t Miss La Misa del Gallo

Latin Woman

Let’s celebrate Christmas together!

All Latin girls will want to attend the Christmas mass, called La Misa del Gallo. It literally means the Mass of the Rooster and is a tradition that can’t be skipped. This holy mass celebrates the birth of Jesus, and even if you’re not too religious yourself, your Latin woman will most likely want to attend it.

Visit Christmas Markets

In most Latin countries, Christmas doesn’t come with presents. It is rather a time to celebrate the birth of the Lord.

So, a good thing to do on Christmas day is a stroll among the stalls of a Christmas market. Don’t forget to end your Christmas shopping session with a traditional meal in a pub or restaurant.

Attend a Christmas Carols Concert

What can be more Romantic than attending a Christmas carols concert? Wherever you plan to spend the holidays, chances are you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

After the concert, you can either have some fun in the main city square – most places set up skate rinks – or go somewhere cozy and have a hot drink.

Gifts on Reyes Magos Day

For your Latin woman, Christmas will probably end on January 6th, on the Reyes Magos day. This was the day when the three kings presented their gifts to Jesus. While this day is mostly a feast for the children, it’s also when you should shower your Latina lady with all Christmas gifts you got for her, to show that you care about her culture and traditions.

Now that you know how to spend Christmas with your Latin woman, all we can wish you is happy holidays.