Best Birthday Gifts for Your Ukrainian Mate

Best Birthday Gifts for Your Ukrainian Mate

Birthdays are special occasions of the year. This is the day when someone celebrates their birth anniversary and also how far they have grown. Birthdays are great days to show one how much you love and appreciate them. You mostly show love and appreciation to your Ukrainian mate by giving her gifts.

Different cultures have different ways of celebrating birthdays and also different styles of gifting. In the Ukrainian culture, birthdays are also considered to be special occasions that are celebrated. However, one thing for sure is that it can be stressful when it comes to buying gifts. Not to worry, in today’s article, we are focusing on Ukrainian culture and listing down for you some of the birthday gifts you can give to your Ukrainian mate.

Best Birthday Gifts for Your Ukrainian Mate

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Ukrainian Vyshyvanka

It is also known as the embroidered shirt. Vyshyvanka is an important symbol in Ukrainian culture which is worn by both men and women on special occasions. Gifting it to a Ukrainian mate will be of sentimental value. It is embroidered with geometric patterns that are woven with red or black threads. They are believed to protect the persons wearing it from harm and bring them fortune and happiness.

Gift Cards

 A gift card is a money card issued by a retailer or bank that is used as an alternative to cash. Anyone can get their purchases with it at a particular store. This gift idea comes in handy if one is quite confused about what kind of gift to buy. Hence, instead of giving money directly to your Ukrainian mate, the gift card is a better option and is also very considerable.

Lviv Chocolate

Chocolates are such great gift ideas, especially in Ukraine. This is because Ukraine is well known for its superb confectionery. Lviv chocolate is the most famous chocolate for its exquisite taste that leaves one with great satisfaction. Your Ukrainian mate will be very happy.

Best Birthday Gifts for Your Ukrainian Mate

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Ukrainian Jewelry

Jewelry is also a famous birthday gift especially if your Ukrainian mate holds sentimental value to you. Ukraine jewelry’s most famous pieces are the Carpathian necklace and wooden bracelet. If it is a lady the preferable would be the necklace and if it is a male bracelet will blend in well.

Gift baskets

At times we might find ourselves short of funds to buy a gift, hence creativity comes in handy. A gift basket is well decorated with simple pieces, for example, Pysanka or a beautifully decorated mug. This is such a simple idea but trust me it will be well appreciated by your Ukrainian mate.

Sometimes it’s not how big the gift is, but the small efforts make a big difference. There are many gift ideas you can give your Ukrainian mate. If you have run out of options always remember that the small creative gifts will always put a smile on your Ukrainian mate’s face.