Best tips for a good flirt with your Ukrainian lady

Best tips for a good flirt with your Ukrainian lady

If you are looking for the Ukrainian lady of your dreams – or perhaps you have already found her – then knowing how to flirt with her is going to be pretty important!

Many men get a little flustered when it comes to flirting with women from their own country, let alone trying to do so with a beautiful Ukrainian lady that does not speak the same language.

However, don’t be put-off; you’ll be relieved to know that there are some fairly simple tips that you can follow that make flirting with Ukrainian women straight forward and stress-free.

Have some topics of conversation planned

It’s time to succeed in your search!

There is nothing worse than when you’re trying to flirt or enjoy a conversation with a beautiful lady and you both run out of things to say. There is always an awkward silence, and it makes both of you feel uncomfortable.  You can pretty much guarantee that this will not be a problem by simply spending a few minutes to prepare a few topics of conversation beforehand.

You don’t need to be writing War & Peace or doing hours of research, instead just write down some simple ideas about topics you may want to discuss. Hobbies, careers or some Ukrainian culture perhaps? Just stay away from politics when trying to flirt with anyone, unless your Ukrainian lady starts the conversation!

Pay compliments to your Ukrainian lady

Online dating is actually a great place for giving compliments to your Ukrainian ladies as it’s a lot less awkward than it can be in-person (until you really get to know one another). If you really want to try and impress her, you could learn how some compliments translate to Ukrainian!

Ukrainian lady

I’m waiting for your compliments!

But, don’t go over the top

Okay, so our previous tip was all about paying compliments, and of course you should do that to any woman. However, for your Ukrainian lady, be careful not to go overboard on complimenting her.  If you come across too invested in her already, or a bit too over-enthusiastic, you may find yourself being given the cold shoulder. Ukrainian women are beautiful, strong and independent. They enjoy compliments, but don’t give so many that they become devalued – she will see right through you.

Know when “no” means no

If you feel as though the flirting is not going too well, then the best thing to do would be to politely leave it. Give the lady some space. Ukrainian women, like all ladies, want to be treated respectfully. If they do not seem interested or if the flirting is just not working, you will do more damage to all hopes of a relationship by pushing her and continuing.

Make her laugh

This is another simple one, but just like most other women, Ukrainian ladies really enjoy the company or advances of men who make them laugh. Avoid slap-stick jokes or puns that are in poor humour, but try to make her laugh and enjoy her conversations with you.  If she does, she will want to speak to you again and you may open the door to a potential relationship. If your flirting leaves her bored, too serious, or feeling down, then you’re not going to make any progress!