Rules of a successful conversation with a Ukrainian single lady

Rules of a successful conversation with a Ukrainian single lady

If you’ve found a Ukrainian single lady that you want to start talking to, or perhaps you have already started chatting with her on a dating website, then you will want to know how to get the best out of your conversation.

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As ever, by following some certain rules or tips, you can be sure that conversation will flow and there will be fewer opportunities for the communication to turn awkward.  Ukrainian single lady will love speaking with you online, so long as you are doing things right.

Here are some of the rules of a successful conversation with a Ukrainian single lady:

Have some topics of conversation lined-up

When going into a conversation with a Ukrainian single lady, have some topics of conversation written down in case the chat slows down. These should be simple, non-offensive subjects that can really create conversation. Food, hobbies, pets, literature, etc.

Try to develop your humor while talking

Ukrainian single ladies love guys with a sense of humor, so even if you know you’re not the funniest of guys, just make sure you lighten up and come across relaxed and willing to have a laugh. If you’re too serious, it’s going to get pretty awkward very fast.

Avoid cultural sensitivities in conversation

Do a small amount of research on Ukraine just so you know what cultural sensitivities may exist so you can be sure not to include them in conversation. Politics, wars, and finance, for example, and three topics to always avoid.

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Do not ask questions with only yes-no answers

This isn’t an interrogation, it is a chance for you both to get to know each other better. Therefore, do not simply ask her lots of questions to which she can answer yes or no, as it will become boring and awkward very quickly and almost certainly kill off any chance of a relationship.

Be confident with your Ukrainian single lady

A simple rule when using an online dating website but be confident and assured. A Ukrainian single lady is unlikely to be attracted to a man who is nervy and lacking in self-confidence.

Know what not to talk about

Aside from the culturally sensitive topics we’ve mentioned, also be aware of other topics that are just not going to help a relationship in an early conversation. Don’t mention ex-girlfriends or your health history for example, nor will she want to hear about how many other girls you are speaking to or other dating websites you have been using.