Best Practices when Flirting with a Russian Woman

Best Practices when Flirting with a Russian Woman

Russian women are just like every other woman in the world; they love to be flirted with. And just like every other woman in the world, they hate disrespectful men who don’t know the art of flirting.

Flirting and doing it right is all about treating the woman with respect. And when you flirt with respect, you are making her comfortable and more willing to actually give you the time of day.

6 tips for flirting with a Russian Woman

Make Eye Contact

man and woman drinking coffee making eye contact

First things first, eye contact is everything. If you find someone that you might be interested in, catch their attention but making eye contact. Avoid staring too long, and be sure that you smile when your eyes meet.

Master your Smile

It might sound crazy but practice makes perfect. Stand in the mirror and practice your smile. Master different types of smile so that you can use them different in different scenarios. The art of a sexy smile is the perfect recipe for the perfect flirt.

It’s all about the Approach

Once you’ve established mutual respect with eye contact and a smile, it’s time to make the approach. And though it sounds like a major deal, it really isn’t. You don’t have to become an actor to approach a Russian woman, you just have to say “Hello”.

Show Interest and Listen.

One of the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to flirting is not taking the time to actually listen. Most men who try to flirt usually end up talking too much, especially about themselves. If you want to succeed at flirting, you need to show interest and ask her questions, follow those questions up with more and then repeat what she said to confirm that you’ve were listening.

Touch Her

Despite the “Me to Movement”, there really is a respectful way that you can touch a woman without making her feel as if you are violating her. Ask her about a bracelet or ring she might be wearing and lightly touch the area you are referring to. If you happen to be sitting next to her then let your legs meet without rubbing them together. Or gently grab her arm to guide her safely across the street.

Take the Lead

When it comes to flirting with a Russian woman, they love a man who has the confidence to take the lead. When you feel the time is right, set up a date. Avoid asking her where she wants to go, or want to do. Take the lead and make the plans. Women, especially Russian women love when a man is decisive, and knows how to take control. A good flirt has a solid list of special places to take a date, so choose one.

Confidence is Everything

The art of flirting works best when you have confidence. Don’t confuse having confidence with being overly cocky. It’s OK if you have a difficult time standing in your own confidence, but avoid letting your lack of confidence show. Work on building up enough confidence to where you can master tips for flirting and then jump right in.

Take the Leap

Don’t get caught up with the unrealistic tips for flirting advice that floats around. It really isn’t as hard as it seems when it comes to flirting with a Russian woman. The first step is overcoming the fear of rejection and then everything else will fall into place.