Things To Avoid On A First Date With Your Latin Lady

Things To Avoid On A First Date With Your Latin Lady

If you have met your Latin Lady on a dating website and now want to meet up with her, congratulations. It’s an exciting time and one you’ll want to make sure you get right! Thankfully, it isn’t hard to help a first date run smoothly but just in case you’re struggling, here are 10 things you should definitely avoid on your first date.

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Being Late

Always plan to be early, because you never know what will happen. Remember that first impressions count so never be late to a first date.

Arriving After Her

Along the same lines of being late, but always arrive before her. That way you can make sure you have a table sorted or place to stand and it takes the pressure off. Let your Latin lady know by text you have arrived and whereabouts you are, so she can find you easily.

Not Checking Where She Might Like To Go

As much as it is great that a man takes the lead, every lady has their own likes and dislikes. Before you go to the steps of booking somewhere, make sure you have a conversation with your Latin lady about where she might like to go. You can of course make suggestions and see if she agrees but avoid just blindly booking somewhere and hoping she’ll like it.

Eating Very Smelly Foods

If you are going for dinner then think carefully about what you want to eat. You might really fancy garlic pasta or a hot curry, but if you’re planning to have a long conversation with your lady and get a little closer to your date as the evening progresses this won’t be the most pleasant for her, so best avoided.

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Getting Drunk

A bit of wine to settle the nerves can be a good idea, especially if it helps you both relax and opens up the conversation. However, getting drunk enough to slur your words or stumble around is definitely something that should be avoided.

Not Seeing If She Has Any Needs

Always check in with your lady to make sure she is okay and if she needs anything. You can even do this before you meet – does she need a table near the door or one that isn’t upstairs? Just some gentle questions to make sure your Latin lady caters to all of her needs with goes great lengths to show her you really care.

Spending All Your Time On Your Phone

We’re all glued to our smartphones these days but that is definitely something to avoid on a date. If you want to prompt conversation then showing something funny or interesting to her on your phone isn’t terrible, but simply sitting there reading your messages or even answering the phone is a definite no.

Chatting Up Someone Else

Even if you are flirty by nature, flirting with someone else while you’ve met up with the Latin lady you have been talking to on a dating website is a definite no. A conversation and light flirting might seem harmless but it is not something that your date will appreciate and something you should definitely avoid.