How To Avoid Online Dating Burnout – Advice For Men

How To Avoid Online Dating Burnout – Advice For Men

Online dating is a great way to meet new people, or even just pass a little time if you’re bored. Finding new people to connect with offline can be a lot harder work but sometimes it feels like the easier option compared to endless “hey, how are you?” conversations not going anywhere. Online dating burnout is incredibly common but there are a few simple ways to overcome it.

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Change Your Approach

If you’ve been online dating for a while you probably have a go-to first message that you always send, so it’s not surprising when you’re bored of having the same conversations. Think about switching up your first message – maybe even have a few in stock and rotate them so you don’t get stuck having the same conversations. If you can’t think of anything then Google is your best friend.

Much like everything else in life, burnout arrives when you’re spending too much time on something. If you find online dating exhausting then try to only use it for an hour or two a day. Go online, look through some profiles, reply to some messages and then switch

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off for the rest of the evening unless you get a message from someone you really want to talk to.

Refresh Your Profiles

Another easy way to avoid burnout is to give yourself a refresh. It can feel like a lot of effort but changing your profile a little is a good way to spark new conversations. Add what you like to do outside of work – any sports you play or hobbies you have. One of the best way to meet people is to find something in common and talk about something you both enjoy doing, so the more hobbies you mention in your profile the more likely you are to have a different conversation each time you connect with someone new.

Online dating burnout is very real but it’s easy to treat and easily avoided. Stop chatting for a few hours, put your phone down and head outside to get some fresh air and interact with real life for a while. The website will still be there when you get back. Remember that online dating is supposed to be an enjoyable way to meet someone new – so, if it is getting to the stage where it isn’t fun anymore there is no harm in taking a break and coming back to it again at another time.