Online Dating Etiquette

Online Dating Etiquette

Meeting someone new when dating online can be exciting. Having good texting etiquette can help you communicate effectively without sounding desperate or nagging. In this article we are going to look at helpful tips you can use for texting in online dating.

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Check-in Once a Day

When you have just met it is perfectly normal to not text each other more often. You can wish your new online mate a good day in the morning. This lets your partner know that you care for them and are thinking about them in your online dating.

Respond to Text Messages

Replying to a text message in online dating shows that you have seen your partner’s text. When you leave them hanging, it might look like you are trying to play games. Rather than leaving them on read, text them back to continue with the conversation. If the text does not need a response; like maybe your partner would be late, you can respond with a simple thumbs-up emoji.

Equal Response Time

If your mate takes some minutes to reply, take the same time to respond. Texting each other frequently at the beginning of your online dating is quite normal. It gradually slows down as you get acquainted with each other. Replying right away after receiving a response might make it look like you are desperate. Taking some time to respond prevents you from looking clingy.

Wait for a Response Before Texting Again

Sending too many texts at the same time in online dating can be overwhelming. If your mate does not text you immediately, do not panic. They might be busy or are not near their phone. If they take longer you can maybe send them a gentle reminder after around 3-5 hours.

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Take Turns when Texting

Don’t always let your partner start a conversation in online dating. Try to balance on who sends the first text or it might look like one person is trying so hard than the other. Not everyone is a conversation starter and good at maintaining a conversation. You can always initiate a conversation that you are both comfortable engaging in.

Avoid Sending One-word Messages

Open up more to have deeper conversations. Just saying “Hi” does not give your online mate a lot to say. Ask your partner some questions to make them engage in a conversation. Monitor the length of the chat to maintain the conversation and avoid chat lulls.

Maintain a Friendly and Casual Tone

Avoid texting about serious things in your online dating. Texting while dating online should be fun and exciting. Ask open-ended questions to help you learn about each other. You can avoid drama and get more acquainted. Make the relationship flow smoothly and naturally.

Texting is a good way to know each other when dating online. However, there are some simple things you can do to make your online dating experience successful. These texting etiquette tips will help your conversations look mature and respectful.