Texting Mistakes In Online Dating

Texting Mistakes In Online Dating

It is very important how you text in online dating. Since the advent of Covid-19 and the lockdown in many countries, most people turned online to meet new people. How you message a potential mate says a lot about you. In this article, we are going to look at a list of how some bad messages can make you lose a potential date.

Texting Mistakes In Online Dating

I’m waiting for your message!

Sending Generic and Bland Messages

A message like “what are you up to this weekend?” portrays an image of just another guy in her mind. If she does not see you as an interesting or unique person, she has no basis to choose you to go for a date.

Long Wait Between Texts in Online Dating

Try to respond swiftly when your potential date texts you. You do not have to do it immediately and also do not wait for hours or days to do it. This is similar to talking with someone in person and turning your back on them and ignoring them.

Writing Long Texts in Response to Short Texts

If your date requested you to go for coffee, give them a yes or no answer. You can also agree with them on the details. If you can’t, there is no need for you to give a long reason why you can’t. Answering a four-word text with four lines of text just shouts how needy or desperate you are.

Texting Mistakes In Online Dating

Will you text me?

Overuse of Emojis in Online Dating Chat

Using too many emojis in a single text is unacceptable unless you are a teenager. However not using them is boring. Therefore, you should find a balance when texting in online dating. If you are texting your date and you get along together you can use a bunch of stickers and emojis.

Not Giving Your Date Ample Time for an Answer

You need to wait after sending a text. Do not continue texting or they will forever ignore you. Getting thrown in unwanted messages is something you do not want to experience. Also do not call even when the message is not responded to.

Not Knowing When to Naturally End the Chat

What you should understand is that texting is like writing an essay; it has an introduction, body, and conclusion. When doing this you should be alert about the other person’s signal. When they are steadily fading to the end of the chat, flow with them. This is how you can sign out of the conversation naturally.

In summary, it is not easy to text while dating online. There are lots of rules to follow and new languages to learn. You could think that it’s an important skill and one needs to me a grand master to get a date online. However, you can play safe and stick with the common conversations.