Signs that a Girl is Into You when Chatting with Single Women Online

signs a woman likes you when chatting with single women online

More and more people are using online dating sites to chat with women. Since online dating and chatting online with girls is still a relatively new phenomenon it can be difficult to understand what people mean when they say certain things. If you are not experienced at online chatting you may not know what certain things mean. When chatting with single women online it can be difficult to tell if a woman is into you. Here are some of the top ways to tell if a woman is into you when chatting with single women online.


She Is Still Talking To You

One of the most positive signs to tell if a woman is into you is if they are still talking to you. Online and in-person talking is completely different and you must always remember this when you chat with women online.

If you are talking to a person in real-life scenarios a woman may continue talking to you just to be polite. This same standard does not hold true online. If someone does not want to talk to you online they simply will not. They will end the conversation and not even think twice about it. If a woman is talking to you online it clearly means that she may be into you, or at the very least is interested in finding out more about you.


She Wants To Know If Your Dating

Anytime a woman asks you if you are dating she is clearly into you. She wants to know if she has any competition or if you are actually on the market and looking to date. If you ever hear a woman ask you if you are dating, single, or looking to date she is giving you a clue that she may want to date you.

You should not rush things though. Let her wait it out and enjoy the anticipation. Asking a woman out immediately if she asks this may come off as too eager. Wait a few days and then ask her out. This could boost your chances of scoring a date.


She Asks You Questions

If a woman asks you questions about your day, your life, your career, or anything else it likely means that she is interested in you. If you ask a woman a question online and she gives you a one-word answer she may not be into you. On the other hand, if she asks you questions in return it is a good sign.

Whenever a woman asks you questions it means she is looking to know more about you. If she wants to learn more about you it means you have at least piqued her curiosity and her interests. What you say from this point on could make or break the conversation.


She Gives You Her Phone Number

giving you her phone number is a good sign when chatting with single women online

If a woman gives you her phone number it means that she wants to talk to you at other times of day when she may be away from her computer. Getting a woman’s phone number is possibly the best indication that she is into you and wants to talk to you more.