10 tips about dating an introverted Russian lady

10 tips about dating an introverted Russian lady

If the Russian lady of your dreams is a little introverted, you should not be put off. Instead, it’s time to think of ways you can put her at ease when you progress to dating.

Introverted characters will often shy away from social events and perhaps won’t enjoy the attention of being in noisy bars. Instead, you will need to figure out what your Russian lady does like and how you can make her comfortable on a date.

Here are ten tips about dating an introverted Russian lady which will get things moving.

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Don’t rush your Russian lady

You’re going to have to be patient with your introverted Russian lady when it comes to taking her out. It may take her time to build confidence and be sure that she is comfortable enough to go out with you. So be patient, take your time, and reap the rewards.

Try going out as part of a smaller group

Introverts do not like big, noisy, bustling social occasions, so keep it small and simple. Very occasionally, they may prefer to meet in a large group so that they can disappear into the background, but more often than not they will want to avoid anything they feel as intimidating, such as the partying in a crowded bar.

Go for walks

Taking a walk, or similar activity, with just the two of you, is a great way to truly get to know your Russian lady. There are no distractions, and nothing should make her feel uncomfortable. It’s a good starting point.

Learn which environments make her comfortable

Everyone is different, so ask her what she enjoys doing and which places she feels happiest in. Plan your dates based on this.

Know what subjects your Russian lady likes to talk about

We’ve all got things that we love to talk about, so find out what these are for your Russian lady. It will help put her at ease and allow you to get to know the real person.

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Go easy on the compliments

We’re always told that it’s good to pay your lady compliments, but if she is an introvert, you will have to be clever. Don’t lay it on too thick or give compliments too frequently and avoid doing it at all in front of people. She will feel uncomfortable.

Don’t be offended by silence

If you’re in a social situation and she is staring in to space, or just sitting quietly, don’t be insulted by it. Introverts often prefer to sit there without the small talk or the effort required in a social situation.

Accept introversion as a personality trait

It’s important to keep in mind, being an introvert is the same as being funny, for example. It’s a personality trait, it’s who they are. Don’t try and change her in to something she’s not.

Be ready to compromise at social events

If you like big noisy parties and social get-togethers, keep your Russian lady in mind. What does she enjoy, and what makes her feel uncomfortable?

Think of yourself as well

Finally, despite all of these points, make sure you are still happy in a relationship. If it turns out that dating an introvert is not for you, then it’s best for both of you to make this clear and move on.