Tulip’s Day: Beautiful Bouquet For Your Slavic Single

Tulip’s Day: Beautiful Bouquet For Your Slavic Single

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers, thanks to the range of bright colours that they come in. Tulips have different connotations around the world, and even their colours can mean different things. In Slavic countries, tulips are sometimes given for International Women’s Day. If you want to show your Slavic single that you care, then giving them tulips is a great option – just make sure you’re careful about the colour.

Tulip’s Day: A Beautiful Bouquet For Your Slavic Single

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Tulips For Your Slavic Single

In general, tulips are very welcome in Slavic households, although there is a big culture of flower etiquette. You should always give an uneven number of flowers as even numbers are for funerals only, and carnations should be avoided because it was once the symbol of the Soviet Union. Tulips are seen as the national symbol for International Women’s Day. So if you’re meeting your Slavic single around then, bring a bunch of tulips.

Flowers You’d Be Best To Avoid

The only flower that you really need to avoid is the carnation, for the reasons stated above. The colour of flowers that you choose for your Slavic single is very important, and on top of this, the combination of colour and type of flower will mean something specific.

For example, you should never bring your date yellow tulips. Yellow flowers are a symbol of sadness; on top of this, yellow tulips are seen as the sign of an impending breakup. There’s even a famous song in Russia called Yellow Tulips, so you should definitely avoid them! Red is a safe colour, particularly with tulips. Red tulips represent love and trust.

Tulip’s Day: A Beautiful Bouquet For Your Slavic Single

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Giving Flowers In The Right Way

Another important thing to mention when choosing flowers for your Slavic single is to think about how they’re presented, as this is hugely important in Slavic culture. Flowers should never be wrapped in plastic but tied with a bow instead. You should also never give your Slavic single a potted plant as this represents older women, which is not the message you want to send on a date!

Flowers are hugely important in Slavic cultures and are given across a wide variety of occasions. Buying your Slavic single some flowers either before your first date or on any date is hugely important and will be really appreciated. This International Women’s Day, try sending her an odd number of tulips (skip the yellow flowers, of course!). This will not only show her that you care but remind her how thoughtful you can be.