A Guide to Giving Flowers to a Ukrainian Woman

A Guide to Giving Flowers to a Ukrainian Woman

Men giving women flowers are a custom worldwide. Flowers are given to exhibit affection, respect, intent, and more. Ukraine is no exception. In fact, in Ukraine the custom of giving women flowers is an integrated part of the culture. Although giving flowers to a Ukrainian woman is customary, the tradition comes with rules on etiquette. Varying types, colors, and numbers are proper depending on the situation.

When to Give Flowers to a Ukrainian Woman

Flowers are gifted on a variety of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, and more. A man is expected to arrive on a first date with at least one flower. Another extremely important day is Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is a public holiday held on March 8th. The holiday focuses on women’s rights. Schools, businesses, and government offices close to celebrate women’s equality. On this day, men give women in their lives flowers. Popular varieties of flowers for International Women’s day include tulips and roses. Besides important occasions, giving flowers to women is the perfect way to show affection on any day.

Types of Flowers

When giving flowers to women, it’s important to consider the variety. Not only are personal taste paramount, but different flowers carry different meanings. Roses are associated with feelings of passion. Orchids are gifted to portray intimacy. Orchids are an expensive option, so are given on special occasions. If there’s doubt, chamomiles are always an excellent choice of flower for any lady. The chamomile grows wild in Ukraine and is widely admired.

Number of Flowers

In Ukraine, the number of flowers you give a lady carries a specific meaning. The first rule is to give an odd number, not including 13. Even numbers of flowers are generally given for somber affairs, such as funerals. An odd number of signifies affection. Giving a singular flower is proper for the first date. It shows respect and interest. Other odd numbers are acceptable except 13. The number 13, in Ukraine, is bad luck. Even more important than giving a woman a lot of flowers are giving her quality flowers. If a bouquet looks like it is dying, it will be a sign of the withering of the relationship.


different colors of flowers to give to a Ukrainian woman

Pastel-colored flowers are proper for younger ladies. Light-colored, partially unopened blossoms make a wonderful choice of flower for a young woman. The unopened, or barely opened blossoms, symbolize the budding of the new relationship. The color of the recipient’s hair can also help decide the color of the bouquet. Blondes look best with lighter colors, while brunettes look better with bright colors. Certain colors, and varieties, should be shied away from. For example, yellow is a sign of an impending breakup. Another inappropriate choice would be a red carnation. In Ukraine, red carnations are associated with times of war.


Giving flowers to a Ukrainian woman is the perfect way to begin any social engagement. Ukrainian women love flowers but finding the perfect color, variety, and number of flowers for the bouquet will help ensure a blissful day.