Choosing the right flowers for your Russian lady

Choosing the right flowers for your Russian lady

Nothing tugs on the heartstrings of a Russian lady quite as much as flowers. They are a timeless sign of romance and love, but which flowers should you choose for your Russian lady?

The beauty of the flowers goes beyond their appearance.  All flowers convey a different feeling and have different meanings as well.  Putting the extra thought into which flower you pick can make all the difference to Russian brides.

Here are seven types of flowers Russian women love:

  • Red Roses
    Russian lady

    Red roses mean love and passion!

    Where else could we start but with red roses, the traditional gift for your Russian lady. Red roses are traditionally given to people for whom you have a great love, passion or respect.  Given as a single red rose signifies love, whereas a dozen red roses show gratitude.

  • White roses
    White roses generally mean purity, calm and innocence, represented in the pure brilliance of their white appearance. They are perfect to give to your Russian bride and can even be mixed with red roses to show purity and calmness in your love.  Why not put a single red rose among a bunch of white ones, for a stunning look and a meaningful gift?

    Russian lady

    Melt the heart of your lady with tender white roses!

  • Sunflowers
    These radiant beacons of colour are synonymous with summertime, but they also have some telling meanings. A sunflower signals your adoration for someone, as well as longevity and loyalty, perfect messages to send out to your Russian woman, or even your Russian bride to signify a lasting and loyal relationship.
  • Carnations
    Pink bemoaning carnations are symbolic of love and can be a truly spectacular gift to give in a bunch to Russian women. Aside from being a bright and beautiful flower, they also signify love and fascination. A perfect way of showing your love to your Russian lady.
  • Orchids
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    Russian brides like exotic orchids!

    An orchid is a wonderful flower to use to show your feelings toward your Russian lady. Among their meanings, orchids signify love, beauty and strength, perfect for demonstrating your unconditional love.

  • Lilys
    Lilys can be found in many places around the world, but they have deeper meanings than some give them credit for. They have a strong meaning of friendship and devotion and adding them to a bouquet not only add absolute beauty, but also some deep meaning for your Russian lady.
  • Gardenias
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    Express your love with beautiful lilies!

    The gardenia flower is used extensively in women’s perfume thanks to its wonderful scent. It’s a simple and elegant flower and has meanings include purity, innocence and sincerity, vital feelings for a romantic relationship with your Russian lady.

  • Jasmine
    Adding some jasmine to a bouquet for Russian women is a wide move. These small and fragile flowers are beautiful and the soft and sweet scene of them is enchanting.  The flowers also have very relevant meanings when it comes to relationships, including love, attachment and modesty.
  • Gerberas
    Gerbera daisies offer a spectacular splash of colour to any room, garden or bouquet, and Russian women love them. With a large round head and vibrant colours, the gerberas signify love and innocence and also convey a feeling of happiness.

    Russian lady

    Make your Russian lady happy – send nice flowers to her!