Gifts you shouldn’t send to your Russian lady

Gifts you shouldn’t send to your Russian lady

When you’re in a relationship, it’s only natural to want to shower your Russian lady with gifts and romantics gestures. However, it’s crucial that your choice of gift is a good one.

Everyone likes to receive gifts, and if you’re enjoying a loving relationship with a Russian lady, then sending gifts to her is probably near the top of your agenda, and so it should be.  It can be a bit of a minefield though; what gifts does she like? Will certain gifts offend her? What can I send to Russia?

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Surprise me!

Rather than frantically scouring the internet for answers, we’ve put together a list of gifts that should not be on your list to send to your Russian lady.

Variety is the spice of life

Giving and receiving gifts is very popular and commonplace in Russia, so it’s a good sign that you’ve made it to this point in that you’re wanting to send gifts to your Russian lady. It’s important to vary the types of gifts you send so that it keeps your lady guessing and keeps it interesting. One thing to definitely avoid is sending the same type of gift repeatedly; this shows a lack of thought and effort.

Avoid private or adult gifts

In Russia, gifts are often opened or unwrapped in the company of others, therefore you need to give serious thought to any present you send to your Russian lady. After all, the last thing you want to do is embarrass her in front of friends and family!

So, resist sending adult gifts or anything that may be raunchy or embarrassing. Instead, stick to simple gifts that will bring great joy to her and her family.

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Guess what color of flowers I like!

Don’t go cheap

While going simple is often advisable, one thing you should not do is buy cheap gifts. Things such as pens, pencils and even cheap flowers and alcohol will generally not be well received in Russia. Due to the commonality of gifts, and the fact that you’re in a romantic relationship, there will be a certain expectation on the quality of gifts you give so presents that are obviously cheap won’t work.

Steer clear of yellow flowers

Flowers are hugely popular to give to women in Russia, and your Russian lady will love receiving flowers ordered from a local florist. However, yellow flowers are to be avoided, as they can be used to signify a separation or end of a relationship.