List of best romantic things you can do for your Russian woman

List of best romantic things you can do for your Russian woman

Romance is a fantastic foundation for any relationship and although it may seem more difficult to be romantic with your Russian woman, particularly through online dating, it is important that you try. Your Russian lady will be delighted to see the effort and thought that you put into attempts to romance and woo her and inevitably, your efforts will be repaid through her own romantic gestures. Even though your Russian bride may seem strong, independent and modern, she is sure to be bowled over by your loving thoughts and so attempting some of the romantic gestures below is likely to cement a strong bond between you.

Russian woman

Let me be your angel!

Send a gift to your Russian woman

Many online dating sites have a gift sharing service. This enables couples to send gifts to each other easily, despite geographical obstacles. What’s more, you will be able to send a token of your affection to your Russian woman safely, without having to give credit card details to unknown shops in Russia. Send her a bunch of flowers, a framed photo of you both, an item of clothing, perfume or a sweet treat. For the ultimate surprise, don’t let her know that you have arranged the gift and let her be shocked by its arrival.

Write your Russian woman a poem

This may seem like a dated practice but poetry is a surefire way to impress your Russian woman and whether you are a skilled wordsmith or not, the effort and thought that you put into this gesture will not be missed. Try to write a personal piece that mentions things that you have discussed, your names, your hopes, and reasons why you adore her.

Learn some Russian

Russian woman

I’m waiting for you!

And send a written or voice message to your Russian woman in her own language. This gesture costs you nothing but your time and shows a real commitment to your Russian woman. Try to deliver a few sentences in Russian whilst using an online video chat and blow her away with the time that you have taken to develop your language skills. This romantic gesture also suggests to your Russian woman that you respect her country and are committed to sharing your nationalities.

Consider visiting your Russian woman or arranging tickets for her to visit you

Once your relationship has truly developed and you feel like your bond is strong. This romantic gesture is best saved for relationships which are further along the line and when you are sure that your Russian woman is keen to see you face to face. If this romantic effort is made too soon, your Russian woman may feel overwhelmed and so be sure to test the water first by suggesting a visit and then book tickets to give her a once in a lifetime gesture of love.