Tea Drinking in Russia: Living Tradition in Lives of Russian Women

Tea Drinking in Russia: Living Tradition in Lives of Russian Women

There is a strong connection between tea and Russian history. The tea lovers in Russia can be found in large amount due to their unconditional liking for this beverage. From men to the Russian women and even kids, everyone is fond of tea (cooked with a variety of ways). Although, the bone-chilling climate of this region create a misconception that these people consume more coffee but the story is different indeed. The increasing culture of having tea had been started after the year 1638 among Russian women and men. Initially, they used to consume the afternoon tea after lunch. However, this has become the full-day tradition to drink tea even with the dessert.

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Would you like to have a cup of tea with me?

The consumption of tea in Russian Federation is not only based on any single type. There are plenty of ways to make tea in the country. The major symbol of comfort and hospitality is the Samovar (which is used to brew the tea) that has become a significant aspect of the Russian culture. There are two popular types of tea among the Russian ladies and men. The first highly consume kind is the black tea. Another famous type of tea in the current generation is green tea. In actual, people prefer to have tea most of the time in a day. They love to enjoy tea and find various health benefits in it.

Health Benefits of Tea Shared by Russian Natives

Any Russian lady or a man never start their day without having a cup of tea. They don’t only consume tea because it’s a part of their tradition or tastes well. The major health benefits of drinking tea are also kept in mind while consuming tea by natives in Russia as well. Here are some useful benefits of drinking tea.

  • Stop worrying more about the digestion issues. All you need to do is to have a cup of black tea to digest the food specifically in the night.
  • The intake of caffeine makes the mind fresh and fuel up the brain to work more effectively.

Tea: Major Part of Communication in Russian Culture

Tea is consumed in offices, parties, get-togethers and even a reason of meet-ups after a long time. Even Russian brides start their lifelong relationship by having this national beverage. Tea is the first drink to pick by the majority of Russians whenever they meet anywhere i.e. restaurants, pubs, homes etc.