Online dating trends: What’s new this autumn?

Online dating trends: What’s new this autumn?

Online dating is a great way to meet new ladies from around the world and the most exciting method of dating available today.

As we approach Autumn and the temperatures drop, it’s a great time to spend some time indoors meeting ladies from around the world with online dating websites. There are also more tools available than ever before when it comes to using online sites such as this one, all of which make it easier than ever to meet the right person.

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This autumn is your best chance to meet your love!

So, without further ado, here are the latest online dating trends that you can make the most of this Autumn.

Share video clips

Due to time differences, hectic lifestyles and general clashes of time, it may not always be possible to speak to your lady with live video all the time. Therefore, why not record a video message and send it to her?

This is a very popular method of communicating thanks to the new tools we’ve launched here on It allows you to send as many video messages as you like to your lady and she can reply with videos of her own. It’s the next best thing to live video chat (which we also offer) or meeting in person!

Send stickers

You’ve probably noticed the ability to send stickers in so many smartphone messaging apps now; they’re the small animations or advanced emojis. Well, you can now do that when you’re online dating and it’s becoming a really popular way of exchanging messages, thoughts and emotions.

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Your perfect single beauties are waiting for you online!

These stickers can be playful, or they can be used to convey a message or idea you may have. Either way, it’s a new and interesting way to communicate with your lady.

Online dating apps

Apps have taken over the digital world, including desktop apps on your computer, on your tablet and of course smart phone apps. Online dating has benefited hugely from the development of apps and there are loads to choose from now which will enable you to meet women from around the world.
They’re affordable, convenient and packed full of features.

Exchange photos

Since the emergence of social media and smartphone messaging, we have been exchanging pictures of all kinds. In online dating, this remains an invaluable mechanism for relationships to become established and progress further.

Sending regular photographs of yourself and what you get up to each day can really help give your lady an insight ion to your life, and she will be able to respond with photos of her own.