Online dating: best features to use

Online dating: best features to use

When you’re looking to start online dating, the first step is to find the right online dating website for you. Sites come with all sorts of different features for you to choose, but which are the best features and tools for  dating and communicating online?

Whether you’re new to the online dating game, or if you’re in an online relationship which you want to ensure is going well, using the correct tools can be vital.  Ensuring you have the tools necessary to grow an online relationship is key, and if you’re already in one, then making sure you use the best tools to communicate with your date is key.

Here are our top six features to use for online dating:


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First things first, the old-fashioned email-style messaging is vital in online dating. You’re most likely to use this early on in a relationship as you get to know your date well and introduce yourself.  Correspondence, or ‘inboxing’, allows for a longer form of messaging with which the sender can take their time compiling. One of the advantages is that you can send your pictures together with your letters to show your lady yourself, your life and whatever you want to share with her.

Live chat
Okay, so live chat is going to take things on to the next level in online dating, and any dating website you use should have this functionality available. Live chat allows for the instant sharing of messages between the sender and the date, allowing a more natural flow to conversation.  Some live chat consoles will also allow for images, emoticons and videos to be shared.

Video chat
Once you know your date well, video chat is the next place to take your online dating This allows the couple to be a little more personal, talking face-to-face.  Seeing each other’s facial expressions and emotions really deepens the link between the couple and allows for a more intimate relationship to be formed.

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Virtual gifts and Gift delivery
Virtual gifts are a way of sharing your feelings and love for your partner in online dating by sending them gifts that signify something special. This can be everything from some red roses and or some champagne glasses, right through to a spa treatment or some sexy lingerie. If you cannot be with your date in person and give them physical gifts, then why not treat them to something virtual to show you care?

Mobile apps
Many online dating websites now offer mobile apps, allowing couples to communicate on the go by using their tablet PCs or smartphones. It’s very convenient to chat wherever you are. Mobile apps are easy to use and often have additional features which desktop versions of dating websites may not contain.

Intelligent searches

Last but not least, if you don’t yet have an online date and are perhaps new to online dating, then whichever online dating website you sign-up with needs to have advanced search functionality.  This will help find matches, and searches can include results based on location, interests, hobbies, personality and much more! Having good search functionality is key on any dating website to help find you some matches.

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