Online dating: How to make the next step if she is your only one?

Online dating: How to make the next step if she is your only one?

Online dating can be exhilarating, offering you the chance to meet and get to know hundreds of women. But what happens when you meet the perfect woman?

Online dating has come a long way since the early days when it carried a bit of a stigma. Today, thousands of happy couples around the world have met, married and had families together as a result of meeting online.

Of course, it can take a while to build that special relationship with a lady when using dating websites. Once you get to know each other, you need to continue to progress things through a computer screen and telephone usually. But what happens when you’ve passed all that, and you have met the woman that is the only one, the perfect lady for you?

How to make the next step?

If you’re in a position to take your online relationship to the next level, knowing the next step is vital.

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Can I be your perfect woman?

You should start by considering whether it is possible to meet in-person, after all, if you’ve spent months writing to each other, talking on the phone and video chatting, it’s the logical next step to build your relationship.

The first stage is to ask your dream lady if she wants to meet as well.  If you love your woman, but find out that she is not interested in meeting, then it’s likely time to either look elsewhere or continue to let your relationship grow online for now.

Often in online dating, there can be a large geographic gap between the couple, and so once you know she is up for meeting you, the conversation needs to turn to where that meet should take place.

It’s always a great gesture by the man to offer to travel to the country in which his lady lives. It shows a great willingness to meet and for the relationship to work out. You’ll need to discuss the best way of bringing the plans for the trip together, including where you still stay, how long you will stay in her hometown for and any specific activities that you want to enjoy together.

Often when travelling to meet the lady you met while online dating for the first time, you should expect her to bring a friend or family member. Do not frown upon this, it’s a perfectly safe and reasonable thing for her to do. Ahead of your trip, make sure you also discuss how much time you should spend together – the last thing you want to do is spend too much time together too quickly and kill that romance.