Modern trends in international dating

Modern trends in international dating

The growth of international dating has been rapid in recent years, giving way to new trends in the online dating world emerging all the time.

International dating gives men the opportunity to speak to and meet women from all around the world. It facilitates relationships that may have never been possible in the past, making the world smaller and the number of opportunities to find love more plentiful than ever before.

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As with any growing industry, the world of international dating continues to yield new trends. These trends span just about every area, including technology, dating lingo or even new regions of the world in which international dating is taking off.

Here are the modern trends to look out for now in the world of international dating:

Geographic trends

It’s never been easier for you to meet women around the world, and the growth of international dating in Asia and in Slavic countries such as Russia and Ukraine is a testament to this. These areas are increasingly popular, with online dating websites making meeting beautiful women from these areas easier than ever.

Most popular day and time for online dating

Sunday evenings have emerged as the most popular time for people to use online dating websites and apps. This is put down to the fact that singles will most likely be alone at home at this time, whereas the rest of the week they may be with friends (Friday & Saturday) or be consumed in work (Monday to Friday).

More women are dating older men

2017 saw an increase in women who are happy to like profiles of or speak to, older men on dating websites. Statistics show 9% more women in 2017 than 2016 are happy to speak to and get to know men up to 10 years older than themselves.

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Speed is everything

It’s been said that replying to a lady on the same day as you receive a message from them is much more likely to result in a promising conversation between the pair, which could develop further. If you wait too long to respond to a message, you are more likely to hear nothing from her ever again.

International dating on the move

International dating has never been more portable than it is now. Usage stats across many dating websites and apps show that people are spending time on them across mobile and tablet devices more than ever, suggesting people are speaking with matches while they’re on the move.