Favorite Romantic Movies of Latin Girls

Favorite Romantic Movies of Latin Girls

Most Latin countries such as Spain, Mexico, and Brazil, are said to be among one the best countries in the production of romantic movies. Romantic movies are meant not only for Valentine’s season but you can watch and enjoy them all year round. In this article, we shall be listing some of those great romantic movies that are thrilling and exciting for Latin girls to watch.

Favorite Romantic Movies of Latin Girls

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Everybody Loves Somebody

A beautiful Latin girl called Clara seems to have it on in life. From a beautiful home in Los Angeles to a caring family and a good career. However, she has a complicated love life and has to choose whether to rekindle her past feelings or open a new love chapter. This film will keep Latin girls glaring on their screens since it involves drama and comedy.


This movie is an award-winning film suitable for any Latin girl to watch. Uxbal, a single father of two children, is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is dying. He tries to secure a perfect life for his kids before he dies. However, uncertain events about his occupation start unfolding. This film showcases glimpses of hope, and humanity and certainly lives up to its name.


Teenage romantic movies are usually impressive, sweet, and touching. Stockholm is a romantic film that involves two young people, who meet while clubbing. The guy gains interest but the Latin girl is adamant about the guy, or even dating him. This is such a cute love story, that has a perfect ending. For Latin girls, this is such a satisfactory movie.

Love Hurts

Two youngsters of different social classes, who love each other try to fight for their love amidst all odds. This film is a perfect illustration that shows the values and systems of life. The aggrandized struggles the lovers face influence the viewers’ thoughts positively. No matter the obstacles they face in their relationship, they ought to face them optimistically. The plot of this film is so sweet and touching with such a perfect ending and is suitable for any Latin girl.

Favorite Romantic Movies of Latin Girls

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Like Water for Chocolate

 The story is of a beautiful Latin girl named Tita who is in love with a boy named Pedro. However, they can’t be together since Tita’s parents want her to have an arranged marriage and are offering to give Pedro Tita’s sister as leverage. This film teaches the value of love and the sacrifices lovers ought to make as they fight for their relationship. This movie is great for Latin girls, as the characters perfectly depict their emotions.  

Someone Great

After a devastating breakup, a music journalist braces herself for a new journey together with her two friends in a new city. The three hops on an adventurous journey and will encounter numerous uncertain events. This well-rated film is enjoyable for any Latin girl, as it consists of both romance and comedy.

In Conclusion

Other than just watching romantic movies for fun and enjoyment. For Latin girls, these stories always have meaningful lessons that they can apply in their love life. For example, through the exaggerated struggles, we see the actors convey to the audience the value of love.