Dances Liked by Latin Women

Dances Liked by Latin Women

The world is crazy about Latin women. This is because of their love of life, their energy, and their beautiful bodies. Living with a Latin woman is similar to living with a self-charging battery. They love doing many things but in this article, we are going to look at some of the dances liked by Latin women.

Dances Liked by Latin Women

Do you like to dance?


Salsa is a popular club dance around the world; having originated in Cuba. This dance incorporates hip movements and intricate footwork. It is one of the favorite dances for Latin women since it involves cross-body lead movements, rotations, and turns. Salsa is very popular and fun.


The merengue is a dance characterized by marching along with the dancing partners swiftly switching weight from one foot to another. It is popular among Latin women and originated in the Dominican Republic. Merengue is good for beginners with less structure as compared to other Latin dances.


Bachata is also another popular Latin dance style that also originated in the Dominican Republic. The bachata dance is associated with bachata music. This romantic music has sensual and slow rhythms. It involves hip movements and lively steps. Latin women dance to this music since it is a social dance.


This dance is performed to cumbia music. This genre is a combination of Caribbean and traditional Latin American rhythms with modern sounds and instruments. Cumbia dancing is a sensual dancing style. It incorporates body movements and hip shaking. It is performed at social events such as parties, weddings, etc.

Dances Liked by Latin Women

Let’s dance!


This is a popular dancing style that Latin women like. One may characterize this dance by close interaction among partners. It is usually accompanied by slow soothing music. It has its origins in Angola. Angolan people usually use it to show their love for one another.


Rumba is a sultry dance style that is characterized by romantic elements. It originated in Cuba and is performed in slow music. It is usually a fusion of African and Cuban son music. For some Latin women it is a favorite one so make sure you ask her before the date night.


Cha-cha dance also has its origins in Cuba just like Rumba. It is associated with cha-cha music which also has Cuban roots. This dancing style is perfect for upbeat music. Ensure to have a bouncy and light feeling as you dance.


Mambo is also popular among Latin women and also has Cuban origin. This is an energetic and fast dance associated with band music. Mambo dance is a great way to raise your heart rate and also burn some calories.

In summary, these Latin dancing styles bring about a great feeling. If you are dating a Latin woman, familiarize yourself with these dancing styles. You don’t have to limit yourself to one or two genres. You stand a greater chance of winning most Latin women’s hearts.