Drinks That Latin Women Like

Drinks That Latin Women Like

Dating a Latina woman is a dream for most men because Latin women are very passionate, caring, and wonderful human beings. Thus you can never get bored around them. Besides, have all the features every man would want from a woman. Latin women are expressive, hot, inquisitive, and expressive. They have high moral values and have a reputation for making beautiful families.

So, you have landed yourself a date and are planning to take her out? In this article, we are going to check out some tips on the favorite non-alcohol drink most Latin women like. So, you can order for her on your first date.

Drinks That Latin Women Like

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Latin Women Like Agua Fresca 

An Agua Fresca never disappoints on a first date. It is translated as fresh water and is a popular Mexican drink. It is a blend of water, sugar, fruit, flower, cereal, or seeds. The common flavors are horchata, hibiscus, and tamarind. However, you can still order other ingredients your date would like such as mango, alfalfa, chia, or strawberry. You should not confuse Agua Fresca with refrescos from Nicaragua and Guatemala. However, they are both referred to as frescos and a favorite among Latin women.

Perfect Chia Fresca 

The Chia Fresca is perfect for your date and is made by stirring chia seeds into a Latin-style lemonade and also adding omega 3, fiber, and protein. The seeds are left intact for the crunchy effect with each sip. This drink simply needs a squeeze of lemon in cold water and some sugar for a sweet taste. The chia seeds are sprinkled into the beverage and left to settle. Latin women prefer it served on the rocks with a sprint of mint.

Drinks That Latin Women Like

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Fruity Sangria

It is originally from Spain and usually contains alcohol but is also a kind of fruit juice, soda or water, and includes different varieties of sliced fruit. The alcohol is eliminated for a sweet summer drink. Making a non-alcoholic Sangria would require you to include many types of fruit for a flavorful drink. It is pleasing to Latin women seeping some cold Fruity Sangria on a warm summer afternoon while admiring your taste in Latin drinks.

Horchata For Latin Women

This non-alcoholic drink is popular among Latin women and boasts origin in North Africa and was prepared from sweet tiger nuts. Muslims brought it to Spain around 1000 CE and then sailors brought it to the Americas. It is still prepared from tiger nuts but the common version is the Horchata de Arroz which is prepared from rice milk. It is also great for lactose-intolerant Latina women.

Ordering these favorite drinks for Latin women with an umbrella on them is a fun thing to do on a date. You will be able to drink these non-alcoholic drinks with confidence and a clear mind. You will be enjoying the afternoon or evening without messing up or disappointing your date.